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The Writers Corner is where you can write an article on nearly any subject you prefer, pertaining to vintage action figures. You can write a story about your action figures as a kid, a review on a partcular figure or line, a specific article about collecting or whatever you can think up thats related to the topic. Not all articles submitted will make it up on the website, so the more unique or well written your article is, the greater it's chance is to make the cut!   Submit An Article

Writing Guidlines:
Remember to include pictures in your articles, but try and keep them 250 pixels in width or less so they don't interfere with the website page layout.
Please do research for any material related to the article you plan on writing. Having this material on hand ensures accuracy and can also be a source for pictures for your article.

Action Figure Article Archive
Marvel Superheroes from Toybiz
Toybiz Marvel Superheroes figuresMarvel Super Heroes by Toybiz - a new beginning of Marvel's action figure success and the introduction of their super heroes into the 1990s.  Beginning with the most widely desired heroes and villains (and everything in between), Marvel Super Heroes was a line which launched what became a decade-long run of successful action figures which branched into the X-men, Iron Man, and related lines which became widely available and still affordable. read more
Posted by BoogDoc7 0 Comments
Terminator 2 from Kenner
Terminator 2 by KennerTerminators - mechanized terrors from the future, sent to ensure that humans were eradicated from existence.  We fought back, but we apparently still have a bit of trouble ahead of us.  Kenner's 1990s action figure efforts toward the movie were an interesting impression and showcase further as to the popularity of the series with the first efforts at the robotic endoskeletons. read more
Posted by BoogDoc7 0 Comments
Robocop - The Movies & The Ultra Police
Robocop & The Ultra PoliceBorn from the television shows based on the ultra-violent action film of the 1980s, Robocop toys from Kenner and Toy Island hold a unique place that showcase both the best and sometimes worst of the toy craze of the early 1990s.  From cap-firing action to garish colors on well-made toys to improbable vehicles, Robocop action figures were more an attempt to cash in on a pop culture cult icon than represent the deeper meaning of an action film that showed humanity with its flaws...or, then again, maybe the toys captured the spirit of corporatist profiteering perfectly... read more
Posted by BoogDoc7 0 Comments
Star Trek Action Figures of the 80s & 90s
Star Trek Action FiguresStar Trek: The Next Generation and its various spinoffs captured the imagination for well over a decade on television and movies in the 90s and beyond.  Through most of that period, action figures were produced which attempted to remain faithful to the spirit of the series, and had a successful run that lasted almost as long as the franchise.  Still inexpensive (if not less so than when originally produced), the action figures from Galoob and Playmates still allow collectors and children an affordable chance to “boldly go” in the imagination. read more
Posted by BoogDoc7 0 Comments
Interview With A Former LJN Employee
Action Figure Archive recently had the opportunity to talk with a former employee from the now defunct LJN toy company and to discuss LJN's action figure lines of the past. We've compiled a number of questions that were submitted by members from this site's forum which have been on collector's minds ever since the "Golden Age" of action figures in the 1980s. From Thundercats, Tigersharks and Bionic Six to Wrestling Superstars, Voltron and many others, here are some of the answers that collector's have been waiting for. read more
Posted by 10incher 0 Comments
Demolition Man 1993 Action Figure Line
Demolition Man Action FiguresHopefully everyone has seen the 1993 Sylvester Stallone film Demolition Man and enjoyed it thoroughly. Some may not know of the action figure line that was released to coincide with the film. This line is not an expensive line to complete and is small enough that tracking all of them down will not take a lot of time. It also had the luxury of being able to re-use the molds from the New Adventures of He-Man figures within its own line. read more
Posted by Ludevig 1 Comments
WCW Galoob Action Figures & the UK Exclusives
WCW Galoob Action Figures When it comes to the crazy world of professional wrestling there will always be action figures of your favourite spandex clad hero or villain. Action figures based on wrestlers date back to the early 80's with Remco's AWA line and WWF's LJN lines by the mid 80's. In 1990 World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in conjunction with the Galoob toy company released the first series of their figures to the world. read more
Posted by Ludevig 2 Comments
In Search of the Holy Grail of Hulk
Elastic Superheroes HulkWatching Saturday morning cartoons I came across a commercial that showed a brand new toy line out in stores by Mego Corp, the "Elastic" Superheroes! I can remember kids on the tube stretching Superman, Batman, Spider-man, Plastic man and my favorite superhero of all…the Hulk! I remembered my Stretch Monster from a few years earlier and thought, WOW!! A stretch Hulk now exists?? My mother decided to make a pit stop at the CVS down the street. As I walked in with her, I looked up and there it was, the Mego Elastic Hulk, an entire row of them for 12.99 each!! read more
Posted by megostretchhulk 1 Comments
Action Figures Through the Years - Is Bigger Really Better?
Action Figures is Bigger Better?Action figures have always been in the spotlight when it comes to toy collecting, and since the late 1970s there have been many transformations along the way, the detail, the packaging, and of course the size, from the popular 3 ¾" figure with Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers to the more modern 7" figure including Star Trek and the new Indiana Jones, but is BIGGER REALLY BETTER? No figures had such "collectability" as Star Wars, we could write a complete book on them alone, so instead lets take a look at the less known lines of 3 ¾ figures that started in the late 70s. read more
Posted by genesis 1 Comments
Remco - Knock Offs Done Right!
Remco Action FiguresRemco was best known for their AWA All Star Wrestlers, Crystar, Karate Kid, Mantech and Universal Monsters action figure lines, but throughout the 1980s had released many other action figure lines not as widely known, which are becoming more popular with collectors today. One thing that Remco did very well was take advantage of the GI Joe and Masters of the Universe action figure craze of the early 1980s by coming up with similar figure lines that could be integrated with them. read more
Posted by 10incher 0 Comments
The Top 10 Unproduced Action Figures of the 1980s
Ewoks Action Figure PrototypesWhat could have been! Thundercats, Centurions, Silverhawks, Sectaurs, Bravestarr - how many action figures were shown in catalogs and figure cardbacks that were never released for one reason or another. Here are my top 10 picks of unreleased action figures. read more
Posted by 10incher 3 Comments
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