Action Figure Archive

1982 Straight Arm
Cobra Officer
Cobra Commander
Grand Slam

have backpack, bazooka

Snake Eyes
have backpack & gun
Scarlet have crossbow
Grunt (tan)
have helmet
Cobra Viper Pilot


Mercer have backpack, gun

Steam Roller

have gun, backpack
Night Force Crazylegs
Night Force Falcon
Night Force Outback
Night Force Psyche-Out
have backpack
Night Force Sneak Peak
Night Force Tunnel Rat

Tiger Force Dusty
have backpack
Tiger Force Flint

Tiger Force Tripwire


Star Viper

have backpack
Long Range
have gun
Snake Eyes
backpack, long chain piece, blowgun
have rifle
have ski
NF Charbroil
NF Lightfoot
NF Muskrat
have gun
NF Repeater
have rifle, stabilizing arm
NF Shockwave
NF Spearhead & Max
have rifle
SM Barbeque
SM Footloose
have backpack
SM Mutt
SM Sgt. Slaughter
SM Spirit
have hat
Track Viper
Wild Boar
Python Crimson Guard
need figure only
Python Officer

Ambush have helmet
have case & 3 piece gun, bullhorn, rifle
Captain Grid Iron have helmet, backpack, grenade, forearm pad (2)
Cold Front
Major Storm
have rifle, backpack
Sub Zero
have mortar stand, backpack, rifle
SP Airborne
SP Airwave
SP Altitude
SP Static Line
Night Creeper
Rock Viper
SF Dial-Tone
SF Law
have gun, rifle, machine gun & tripod
SF Viper

Figure Weapons & Accessories:
1982 Grunt helmet
1982 Rock n Roll
1982 Cobra Soldier rifle
1983 Accessory Pack 1 helmet (2), visor (4), ammo backpack, laser backpack, uzi (1), XMLR-1A Laser Rifle
1983 Rock n Roll bipod
1984 Storm Shadow bow, short sword
1984 Firefly phone
1985 Admiral Keel Haul handgun
1985 Heavy Metal mouthpiece
1985 Barbeque gun
1986 Lift Ticket mouthpiece
1986 Hawk gun
1987 Big Boa mouthpiece
1987 Chuckles gun
1987 Sneak Peak mouthpiece
1987 Ice Viper sai
1987 Crazy Legs rifle stock
1987 Falcon antennae
1987 Gung Ho sword
1987 Raptor falcon claws
1987 Nemesis Enforcer tentacles
1987 Royal Guard antennae
1987 Backstop pistol
Tunnel Rat rifle
1987 WORMS helmet, antenna

1987 Battleforce 2000 Avalanche mouthpiece
1987 Battleforce 2000 Dodger mouthpiece
1987 Battleforce 2000 Blaster mouthpiece
1988 Astro Viper laser gun, backpack
1988 Charbroil hose
1988 Hit n Run knife, rope & grappling
1988 Lightfoot hose
1988 Tiger Force Bazooka backpack, bazooka

Tiger Force Duke
helmet, machine gun

1988 Tiger Force Lifeline pistol, gas mask, medical case
1988 Tiger Force Recondo rifle
Tiger Force Roadblock backpack, tripod
1988 Tigerforce Skystriker helmet, headset, visor
1988 Toxo Viper hose
1989 Aero-Viper helmet
1989 Dee-Jay hose
1989 Deep Six buoy, air hose, gun
1989 Frag Viper tube, grenades (3)
1989 Heat Viper black hose, shell (6)
1989 Hot Seat helmet
1989 Rampage rifle
1989 Rock n Roll gaitlin gun (1), rifle, bandolier (2),
1989 Scoop mouthpiece, hose
1989 Night Force Lightfoot helmet, backpack, 3 piece sensor
1989 Python Patrol Tele-Viper gun
1989 Countdown grappling hook
1989 Slaughters Marauders Lowlight rifle & bipod, uzi
1989 TARGET hose
Freefall hose
1990 Laser Viper backpack, hose (2), shoulder gun(1)
1990 Metal Head gun, missile (6), helmet, hose (2), leg missile pack (2), backpack & frame
1990 Range Vipers hose, missile
1990 Rapid Fire helmet, rifle
1990 Salvo mine (5), mine launcher, missile (5), backpack, briefcase
1990 SAW Viper machine gun, ammo strap, bipod
1990 Sky Dive hand gun
1990 Sky Patrol Drop Zone twin gun chest attachment, parachute & case
1990 Sonic Fighters Dodger photon rifle, machine gun, rifle, backpack with antennae
1990 Stretcher sled, windshield, flashlight, hose
1990 Tunnel Rat automatic pistol
1991 TBC Cobra Commander rifle, figure stand
1991 TBC General Hawk antennae, figure stand
1991 Cobra Commander gun, glider, launcher, bipod
1991 Crimson Guard Immortal all accessories
1991 BAT
flamethrower & hand attachment, figure stand
1991 Incinerators flamethrower, hose, rubber band
1991 Mercer short rifle, long rifle, missile, backpack, figure stand
1991 Snow Serpent rifle, gun, backpack, snowboard, launcher, missile, black hose (2)
1991 Super Sonic Fighters Zap helmet, hand cannon & muzzlle, bazooka, small cannon, stand
1992 Air Devil visor, pistol

1992 Destro figure stand
1992 Dojo figure stand
1992 Slice figure stand
1992 T'Jbang figure stand
1992 Headman stand
1993 Star Brigade Roadblock star blaster, missile (2), gun (2), machette, helmet, stand
1993 Armor Tech Star Brigade Destro missile (1), knife, gun (4)
1993 Armor Tech Star Brigade Duke helmet, knife gun(2)
1993 Armor Tech Star Brigade Hawk helmet, rifle
1993 Armor Tech Star Brigade Heavy Duty figure broken - have stand, missile (1)
1993 Armor Tech Star Brigade Robo-Joe helmet, launcher, sword, gun (3)
1993 Armor Tech Star Brigade Rock n Roll helmet, stand, missile (1), sword, gun (3)
1993 Battle Corps Ace helmet, mask, pistol
1993 Battle Corps Bazooka missing stand, rifle (3), misile (2)
1993 Battle Corps Bullet-Proof missing stand, missile, launcher, backpack, helmet with microphone

1993 Cross Country small rifle, missile launcher, knife, backpack, figure stand
1993 Street Fighter II Balrog all accessories
1993 Street Fighter II Blanka all accessories
1993 Street Fighter II Ryu all accessories
1994 Battle Corps Beachead missile (2), gun (3), knife, stand
1994 Major Bludd stand, launcher, missile (2), rifle, pistol, knife
1994 Mortal Combat Sub Zero all accessories

Figure Parts:
1982 Grand Slam
left arm
1982 Short Fuze right arm
1982 Scarlett right arm
1983 Grand Slam (silver pads) left arm

1984 Scrap Iron head

1989 Night Force Lightfoot crotch
1989 TARGAT chest
1990 Rapid Fire crotch

Vehicles & Playsets:
1982 Sears Missile Command Headquarters
1983 Cobra Viper Glider
1983 Cobra Falcon Glider

1984 Mountain Howitzer
(have ammo crate & binoculars)

1986 Dreadnok Air Assualt
1986 Dreadnok Ground Assault
1987 Crossfire R/C
1987 Defiant Shuttle

1987 BF 2000 Marauder Motorcycle-Jeep


TF Tiger Fly
TF Tiger Paw
TF Tiger Rat
TF Tiger Shark

NF Night Blaster
NF Night Raider
NF Night Shade
NF Night Storm
NF Night Striker

Battle Axe Action Pack
Double Machine Gun Action Pack
Machine Gun Nest Action Pack
Mine Sweeper Action Pack
Mortar Launcher Action Pack
Twin Missile Radar Action Pack

Vehicle Pack
Rocket Sled
Vehicle Pack
Scuba Pack
Vehicle Pack
Tank Car
Vehicle Pack

Vehicle & Playset Parts and Accessories:

1982 MMS rear stand
1983 Skystriker 1 parachute
1983 Cobra FANG red roll cage

1983 Pac Rat Missile Launcher missile tree
1984 Hovercraft Killer WHALE vertical vane (2)
1984 Vamp Mark II top half of shell
1984 Bivouac antenna
1985 CAT machine gun
1985 Black CAT machine gun

1985 Air Defense Battle Station 1 missile
1985 Forward Observer radio antenna
1985 Cobra Bunker Battlestation missile tip & end
1985 USS Flagg
deck clip (1), missile control radar tip (1), stern railing, crane string & hook, aircraft radar dish, lower mast piece, mast cap
1986 Cobra Stun flag (2), passenger side engine cover

1986 LAW turret
1986 Outpost Defender 2 rifles

1986 Surveillance Port
machine gun, radar dish
1986 Terror Drome left & right gun doors, gunner seat (1), blue turret base (2), filling station hose (1)

1987 BF 2000 Dominator Tank right shell half, hatch & 2 skis, antenna
1987 Firebat landing gear (2)
1987 Maggot radar dish
1987 Mobile Command Center large missile (2)
1988 Remote Pilot Vehicle hose
1988 Battle Barge gun (1)
1988 DEMON duel lens, light bar, big gun, missile (1)
1988 Phantom nose cone, driver side rudder, passenger side wing cover, engine cover
1988 Tiger Cat launcher
1988 Vindicator Hovercraft fan connector pin
1989 Condor missile (4), wing bomb (2), drop bomb (1)
1989 Crusader drivers side windshield, backpack, control arm, utility cord, left utility console, right wing, large gold engine nozzle (1)
1989 Python Patrol Asp cannon shield (2)
1989 Thunderclap complete tractor vehicle & trailer vehicle
1989 Tiger Fish missiles (1)

1989 Tri-Blaster missle tree, antenna
1990 Mobile Battle Bunker chear seatbelt clip
1992 Headquarters orange barrel, gas pump nozzle & hose, orange tower support
1993 Street Fighter II Beast Blaster front grill, hood launcher, missile (4), windshield armour, passenger side window shield, roof canopy, steering wheel, rear thruster
1997 Slugger machine gun, front hatch, rear hatch


Masters of the Universe Vintage Figures:
Saurod need unbroken figure only
Comet Cat
Laser Power He-Man
Laser Light Skeletor

Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Weapons & Accessories:
Blast Attak
Man-at-arms, Skeletor, Teela, Stratos trick pieces
Dragon Blaster Skeletor

Masters of the Universe Vintage Vehicles, Creatures & Playsets:
Battle Bones

Fright Fighter
(have laser attachments)
Beam Blaster & Artilleray
Tower Tools
Cliff Climber
(have rear armour, windshield, drill piece)

Masters of the Universe Vintage Vehicle, Creature & Playset Parts and Accessories:
bottom floor, central monorail (1), outer monorail (5), snake collar, chains (4), elevator & shaft, rocket launcher, flags with poles (3), moat monster, prison ball with chain and arm, laser blaster & stand, clips (4), sky cage hatch, power module, power frame, monorail arm, Battle Tram with wheels (2) & lasers (2)
Blaster Hawk 4 disks
Snake Mountain chain
Turbodactyl top of head
Tyrantisaurus Rex
dino droid, side laser gun

New Adventures of He-Man Weapons & Accessories:
He-Man sword, helmet, armour
Battle Punching He-Man
Disc of Doom Skeletor shield clasp
Staghorn helmet with antlers
Battleblade Skeletor axe, shield

New Adventures of He-Man Figures:
Thunderpunch He-Man
Too-Tall Hoove
Missile Armour Flipshot
Hook 'Em Flogg

New Adventures of He-Man Vehicles:
Rocket Disc Power Pack
Turbo Tormentor
Nordor Playset
Battle Bird

She-Ra Weapons and Accessories:
She-Ra sword, comb
skirt, mask, comb
headband, armour
skirt, collar, disc, comb
Double Trouble
skirt, cape, comb
skirt, cape, comb
chocker, belt, wing attachment, comb
skirt*, collar, tiara, comb
tail, backpack, comb
Scratchin Sound Catra
skirt, comb
Angella mask, comb
Spinerella skirt, hairpiece, stand, comb

Starburst She-Ra skirt, comb
Sweet Bee skirt, necktie, comb

She-Ra Figures
Bubble Power She-Ra
Shower Power Catra

She-Ra Creature & Playset Parts and Accessories:
Butterflyer butterfly, cap (2)
Sea Harp reigns
Silver Storm wings, saddle, brush, comb

She-Ra Creatures & Playsets:
Swift Wind
Crystal Swift Wind
Crystal Sundancer
Crystal Moonbeam
Crystal Falls
Royal Swift Wind

Also interested in any complete Fantastic Fasions sets


Vintage Figures:
R2D2 with pop-up lightsaber

12” Boba Fett (have gun & belt)

Vintage Vehicles, Creatures & Playsets:
RC Jawa Sandcrawler
Sonic Land Speeder

Sears Rebel Command Center
Sears Cantina Adventure Set
Troop Transport
have 2 prisoner restraints
Imperial Cruiser
One-Man Sand Skimmer
Imperial Sniper Vehicle
Security Scout
Jabbas Dungeon
Ewok Battle Wagon
Palitoy cardboard Death Star Station

Tie Fighter
cockpit with pilot

Imperial Cruiser
Tie Bomber

Micro Collection:
Bespin Control Room
Luke searching figure

Death Star Escape
Death Star Compactor
Hoth Wampa Cave
have main base
Hoth Generator Attack
Hoth Turret Defence
Hoth Ion Cannon have main base
Hoth World
Bespin Gantry
Bespin Freeze Chamber
Bespin World
Millennium Falcon
Tie Fighter

Vintage Vehicle & Playset Parts:
Land of the Jawas elevator guide rail (1)

ATAT chin gun (2)

Vintage Figure Weapons & Accessories:
Imperial Gunner pistol
A-Wing Pilot

12” Han Solo medal
12” IG88 long gun, grenade (2)

Carry Cases & Other Toys:
ESB vinyl case
ESB Vinyl case V2
ROTJ vinyl case
Laser Rifle case
C3P0 carrying case
Chewbacca Bandolier Strap
Display Stand
Display Arena
Laser Rifle
Biker Scout laser pistol

Figure Weapons & Accessories:
Uncle Gundy rifle

Figures & Vehicles:

ATL Interceptor
Side Gunner

Parts & Accessories:

Ewok Family Hut swing ropes

Figures & Playsets:
Dulok Shaman

Episode I:
Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine)
Jar Jar Binks
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Duel)
Padmé Naberrie
Queen Amidala (Naboo)
Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Duel (need chip only)
Ric Olié
Senator Palpatine
Destroyer Droid
Ody Mandrell with Otoga 222 Pit Droid
Adi Gallia
Anakin Skywalker (Naboo)
Captain Panaka
Naboo Royal Security (need chip only)
Darth Sidious Holograph
Naboo Royal Guard
Anakin Skywalker (Naboo Pilot)
Darth Maul (Sith Lord)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Knight)

Destroyer Droid (Battle Damaged)
Jar Jar Binks (Naboo Swamp)
Pit Droids (2 pack)
Queen Amidala (Battle)
Sio Bibble

Also interested in any complete vehicles or playsets

Clone Wars
No. 19: Clone Trooper (212th Attack Battalion)
No. 20: Padmé Amidala
No. 22: Magnaguard
No. 23: R3-S6 ("Goldie")
No. 24: Jar Jar Binks (Bombad Jedi)
Captain Rex (Mail Away)
Clone Trooper Senate Security (Comic Con)
Commander Fox (Target Exclusive)
Clone Trooper (501st Legion Walmart Exclusive)

CW03: Rocket Battle Droid
CW04: Clone Trooper (41st Elite Corps)
Commander Ponds (TRU Exclusive)
AMBUSH Lieutenant Thire & Clone Trooper Rys (Walmart)
AMBUSH Yoda & Clone Trooper Jek (Walmart)
ROOKIES: Clone Commander Cody & Clone Trooper Echo (Walmart)
ROOKIES: Captain Rex & Clone Trooper Fives (Walmart)

CW29: Mandalorian Warrior
CW35: Clone Trooper Draa

CW38: Clone Commander Jet
CW40: Obi-Wan Kenobi

CW01: Anakin Skywalker
CW07: Clone Commander Cody (Phase II Armor)
CW09: Chebacca (repaint)
CW12: Obi-Wan Kenobi
CW17: Clone Commander Wolfe (Phase II Armor)

Deluxe Figures
212th Attack Battalion Clone Troopers & Jet Backpacks
Tatooine Skiff
Battle Droid & STAP
Cad Bane & PIrate Bike
Clone Commander Cody & BARC Speeder
Clone Trooper Jesse & BARC Speeder
Mandalorian & Speeder Bike

Battle Packs
Ambush on the Vulture's Claw
AT-TE Assault Squad
B'omarr Monastery Assault
Droids & Clones
Jabba's Palace
Speeder Bike Recon
Obi-Wan & 212th Attack Battalion (Target)
Yoda & Coruscant Guard (Target)
Ultimate: Battle of Christophsis (Target)
Ambush at Abregado (Target)
Assault on Ryloth (Target)
Ultimate: The Rise of Boba Fett (Toys "R" Us)

Ahsoka Tano's Delta Starfighter
Anakin's Modified Jedi Starfighter
Clone Interceptor Tank
Clone Swamp Speeder
Clone Turbo Tank
Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
General Grievous' Starfighter
Homing Spider Droid
MagnaGuard Fighter
Mandalorian Attack Ship
Republic Fighter Tank
Trade Federation Armored Assault Tank (AAT)

Exclusive Vehicles
ARC-170 Starfighter (Flaming Wampa - Toys "R" Us)
Hailfire Droid & General Grievous (Toys "R" Us)
Octuptarra Droid (Wal-Mart)
Republic Gunship (Crumb Bomber - Toys "R" Us)
Republic Gunship (Lucky Lekku - Wal-Mart)
V-Wing Starfighter & Oddball (Toys "R" Us)
V-Wing Starfighter: Imperial (Toys "R" Us)


G1 Figures:

Throttlebot Rollbar

Cyclonus Targetmaster
Scourge Targetmaster
(need figure only)
Fortress Maximus

Scoop Targetmaster
Quake Targetmaster
Spinster Targetmaster
Needlenose Targetmaster
Hosehead Headmaster
Siren Headmaster
(have left & right pistol)
Fangry Headmaster
(have rifle)
Squeezeplay Headmaster
(have rifle)
Cloudburst Pretender
SkullGrin Pretender
Submarauder Pretender
Groundbreaker Pretender
Sky High Pretender
Spashdown Pretender
Iguanus Pretender
(have robot)
Bugly Pretender
(have 1 photon rifle)
Finback Pretender
(have robot)
Chainclaw Pretender Beast
Catilla Pretender Beast
Carnivac Pretender Beast
(have handgun)
Snarler Pretender Beast
Roadgrabber Pretender Vehicle

Greasepit Station
Hot House Station
Airwave Station
Skyhopper Base
Groundshaker Base
(have missile launcher, gun, cannon)
Monstructor Combiner
(have Brawn Blaster)
(have helmet)
Double Header
Bumblebee Pretender
Grimlock Pretender
Starscream Pretender
Jazz Pretender
Vroom Pretender
Thunderwing Pretender
Crossblades Pretender
Skyhammer Pretender
Roadblock Pretender

Micromater Battle Squad (have Direct Hit & Vanquish)
Micromaster Military Patrol
Micromaster Race Track Patrol

Micromaster Monster Truck Patrol
Micromaster Hotrod Patrol
Micromaster Construction Patrol
Micromaster Air Patrol
Micromaster Race Car Patrol

I am also looking for most other G1 & G2 Transformers from 1990 and up

G1 Weapons, Parts & Accessories:
Bluestreak right launcher
Ratchet red gun post
Predaking right fist
Tantrum sword, gun (1)
Metroplex Scamper gun
Trypticon Full Tilt gun
Scorponok Fast Track left arm, radar dish 2 & 3 (I have the TV & robot head ones)
Slugslinger Caliburst
Horri-Bull rifle
Seacon black stand connector piece
Quickswitch right rifle
Grandslam rocket (1), gun
weapon (2)
Pincer Pretender stun rifle, left claw arm
Gunrunner Pretender plasma missile
Nightbeat Headmaster photon pistol, Muzzle
Quake Targetmaster cannon, Heater, Tiptop
Quickmix Targetmaster Boomer

Getaway Powermaster
Doubledealer Powermaster chestplate
Pretender Bomb-Burst blue laser (2)
Countdown small door hatch on large missile
Micromaster Ironworks missile
Micromaster Roughstuff double missile turret
Micromater Constructor Squad Excavator, Stonecruncher, Grit
Micromaster Metro Squad Oiler & Slide
Micromaster Astro Squad Phaser & Blast Master
Micromaster Rescue Patrol Stakeout, Red Hot, Sea Watch right arm
Micromaster Sports Car Patrol Detour, Blackjack
Skyquake gun, missile (15)

Skyhammer missile (2), visor, wing laser, robot, canopy
Skystalker micromaster car, jet pod, duel laser & connector, large laser (2), small laser (2), ramp (2)

G2 Air Raid hand gun
G2 Dirtbag missile (4)
G2 Megatron rifle, light unit, missile (6)
G2 Optimus Prime Laser Rod have trailer need all other parts

Beast Wars Figures:
(have 4 feet)



Depth Charge
Rat Trap (Walmart Exclusive)

Transmetals 2:

Tripredicus Agent (Walmart Exclusive)

Deluxe Mutants:
Poison Bite
Razor Claw

Arachnid Microverse Playset
Orchanoch Microverse Playset
Airaizor (video pack-in)
Onyx Primal (Botcon Exclusive)
Fractyl & Packrat (Botcon Exclusive)
Vice Grip (Botcon Exclusive)
Antagony (Botcon Exclusive)
Windraizor (Botcon Exclusive)
Sandstorm (Botcom Exclusive)
Shokaract (Botcon Exclusive)

Also interested in any complete Machine Wars or Fox Kids Classic Repaint figures

Beast Wars Weapons, Parts & Accessories:
Optimus Primal vs Megatron rifle, left sword
Claw Jaw tentacles
Lazerbeak head, pistol
Ratrap gun grip & barrel
Spittor front left leg, rear right leg
Airaizor claw gun
Armordillo foot mace & gun
Insecticon crossbow
Powerpinch rear end attachment, left foot
Terrorsaur pistol
Snarl rifle
Wolfgang missile (1)
Bonecrusher missile
Blackarachnia missile (1), launcher
Cybershark fin (2), missile (2)
K-9 missile (1)
Waspinator missile (2)
Buzzsaw right wing
Dinobot sword
Deluxe Mutant Soundwave right front foot
B'Boom missile (1)
Inferno mandibles, missile (2)
Polar Claw bat partner
Scorponok bee partner, missile (2)
Transquito missile (1), 1 purple piece that holds the three brown legs
Magnaboss mace (2), tail claw (tail only), missile (2), wing sword (2),
Optimus Primal missile (1)

Injector large left leg, small back insect arm
Noctorro left arm
left arm, left leg
Silverbolt missile (2)

Optimal Optimus missile (2)

Transmetals 2:
Cheetor missile
Iguanus missile
Megatron missile (3)
Tigerhawk missile (4)
Scourge missile (2), right wing, head???*
Cybershark launcher

Beast Machines Buzzsaw complete
Beast Machines Mirage complete
Beast Machines Scavenger complete
Beast Machines Blastcharge complete
Beast Machines Thrust complete
Beast Machines Rattrap complete
Beast Machines Optimus Primal throwing star
Beast Machines Beast Changer complete
Beast Machines Blackarachnia left arm
Beast Machines Mega Cheetor complete
Beast Machines Nightscream disc (3), hand (2), left leg
Beast Machines Tankor missile, left side small orange platform
Beast Machines Beast Rider Che missile (2)
Animorphs Rachel/Lion right claw
Animorphs Mega Class Visser Three missile
Animorphs Mega Class Ax/Scorpion Three missile
Animorphs Ultra Visser Three missile (2), head
RID Galvatron launcher (2), missile (1)*
RID Grimlock
RID Hightower boom/rifle, pistol
RID Side Burn dagger/pistol
RID Wedge complete
RID Mirage (KB Exclusive) pistol
RID Optimus Prime gun, missile (4), 1 front tire
RID Ultra Magnus missile (2), 2 front tires, right hand/arm, front bumper/cowling
RID Rev (KB Exclusive) complete
RID Prowl 2 & Sideswipe have prowl only no gun
RID Skid-Z & Windshear gun & barrel (2)
RID Ironhide & Mirage Ironhide's gun
Armada Unicron complete
Armada Blurr Incinerator minicon, launcher, missile (2),
Armada Demolisher missile (4), Blackout minicon
Armada Demolisher (Powerlinx) missile (4), Blackout minicon
Armada Red Alert complete MIB
Armada Scavenger complete MIB
Armada Sideways front fender
Armada Thrust (Powerlinx) launcher, front nose piece, rear hatch piece, Inferno minicon & missile
Armada Nemesis Prime gun (2), right front fender part, Run-Over minicon
Armada Optimus Prime w. Sparkplug trailer, missile, gun, stack (2), Sparkplug minicon
Armada Smokescreen w. Liftor missile
Armada Overload (Gigacon) missile (2), Rollout minicon
Armada Hoist complete
Armada Jetfire with Comettor missile (2), Commetor
Universe Autobot Jazz complete
Universe Inferno thruster (2), missile (2)
Universe Skywarp driver side rear tailfin, missile (2)
Energon Inferno missile, complete launcher mechanism, side grey door (2)
Energon Scorponok missile (2), visor
Energon Starscream missile (2)
Energon Tow-Line complete
Energon Treadshot weapons
Cybertron Buzzsaw key
Cybertron Crumplezone missile (2), key
Cybertron Dirt Boss key
Cybertron Hot Shot launcher, missile, key
Cybertron Longrack key
Cybertron Megatron front grey flap on side of cockpit (2), claw gun, gatling gun, missile (2), clear key
Cybertron Megatron T-Rex tail launcher, missile, silver jungle key, left arm
Cybertron Metroplex missing Drillbit Minicon, gold key
Cybertron Runamuck silver earth key, gun
Cybertron Scattershot key, turret, missile (1)
Cybertron Snarl tail, missile, key, right rear leg
Cybertron Thundercracker key, missile (1)
Cybertron Vector Prime missile, right shoulder guard, key, Safeguard Minicon
Cybertron Optimus Prime handgun, missile (3), blue Matrix key
Cybertron Wing Saber sword & hilt (2), cannon (2). missile (2), Autobot key
Classics Astrotrain missing rifle
Classics Optimus Prime vs Megatron missing Optimus and gun
Transformers Movie Autobot Jazz hood panel (2), spoiler, all weapons
Transformers Movie Brawl Deluxe Class missile
Transformers Movie Brawl Leader Class top white blade on left arm
Transformers Movie Jazz Final Battle spoiler, canon, missile (1)
Transformers Movie Jungle Bonecrusher front claw assembly
Transformers Movie Bumblebee (2008) complete
Transformers Movie Longarm entire left arm assemble, small left silver box panel, missile
Transformers Movie Meantime complete
Transformers Movie Megatron Fusion Blast complete
Transformers Movie Megatron Voyager Class missile, hea, nosecone
Transformers Movie Overcast missile (2)
Transformers Movie Payload complete
Transformers Movie Swindle complete
Transformers Movie Recon Barricade rear panel (2), all weapons
Transformers Movie Wreckage left & right battle blade, left & right middle hatch cover
Transformers Movie ROTF Bumblebee missile
Transformers Animated Activator Lockdown complete

  I am looking for anything from the following figure lines
AAWF (Remco)
Action Heroes
Action Pirate
American Defense (Remco)
Blue Thunder
Bravo Mission/Company
Bronze Bombers (Olmec)
Championship Wrestling
Championship Wrestling Sounds
Commando Force (Remco)
Commando Ranger & Demon Ranger
Department of Defense
Desert Dogs Sound FX
Desert Shield
Desert Storm
Dragon Force (Lanard)
Dragon Ninja
Fighting Talk
Gen Patch & Evil Enemy (Galoob)
Global Assault Force
Gung Ho (Lanard)
M-Force (Marchon)
Madelman 2050
Military One
National Defense
Ninja Commandos
Ninja Strike Force (Remco)
Ninja (Warriors)
Pirates of the Evil Seas
Roller Warriors
S.E.L.E.C.T. Force
Secret of the Ninja
Schwarzenegger Commando
SMAC Fighting Team
Space Attack
Spark Soldier
Street Hero
US Commando Squad
US Military (Remco)
World Wrestler
Wrestling Champions
Wrestlers Main Event
Bone Age*
Butterfly Woman (Olmec)
Combo Heroes
Cosmic Cowboys
Dino Warriors
Dragons, Knights & Daggers (Imperial)
Dungeon Warriors
Earth Force
Fantastic Stars*
Fantasy World*
Forgotten Warriors of the Universe
Galaxie Girl
Galaxy Adventure Girl
Galaxy Fighters*
Galaxy Rider*
Galaxy Hero G-Man*
Galaxy Heroes*
Galaxy Heroine*
Galaxy Warriors*
Goddess of the Ultra Cosmos*
Insect Man
Lazer Force
Lazer Warriors
Legends of Knights & Dragons (Imperial)*
Lord of Insects
Machine Force
Master Warriors
Muscle Warriors*
Monsters of the Galaxy
MX Space Robots
Nightmare Warriors
Robots Lasers & Galaxsies (Imperial)
Rocket Rollers*
Sheriff Solar
Star Sheriff
Sun Insect
Sun-Man (Olmec)
Treasures of Those Lost Temples
Turly Gang Warrior
Two Face Monster (Mannix)*
Under World Warriors
2002 Space Robot
Captain Future
CB McHaul
Computer Warriors
Die-Cast Superheroes
Dino Riders
ERTL Super Stars
Future Warriors (Guliver)
Galaxie (Atlantic)
Magnum P.I.
Metal Man (Zee Toys & Zlymex)
Mini Godaikin
Sky Commanders
Star Bird
Star Fleet Defender
Star Mite
Star Warrior
Teddy Ruxpin
Tek Force
TH3 Project
Ulysses 31
Wheeled Warriors
Wrangler Brand

Also interested in any other type of GI Joe, or He-Man knock-off type figures from the 1980s. I am also looking for a ROM Space Knight, Mattel Space 1999 Eagle 1 and 1979 18" Kenner Alien figure.



Action Force
Weapons & Accessories:
Ground Assault
backpack, rifle
Commando backpack, rifle, headset
Deep Sea Diver hammer
Arctic Assault rifle
Night Attack Pilot life jacket
Helicopter Pilot life jacket
Q-Force Aqua Trooper flipper (1)

S.A.S. Commando rifle, detonator
S.A.S. Frogman flipper (2), mask
S.A.S. Pilot ammo case, life jacket, pistol
S.A.S. Squad Leader rifle, grappling hook & rope
Space Force Security Trooper rifle, uzi
Z Force Sapper ammo case, rifle
Z Force Captain rifle, grappling hook & rope
Z Force Radio Operator backpack with headset, hat
Muton green helmet laser rifle attachment
Red Shadow ammo case

Complete Figures:
Australian Jungle Fighter
British Marine
German Stormtrooper
US Paratrooper
Desert Rat
Mountain & Arctic
2 Para
Black Major
Q Force Deep Sea Defender
Q Force Sonar Officer
Q Force Sea Skimmer
S.A.S. Force Attack Trooper
Space Force Pilot
Space Force Space Engineer
Z Force Infantry Man
Z Force Medic
Z Force Mine Sweeper

Also interested in any complete vehicles or playsets with their figures

Parts & Accessories:
3 3/4" Rattler
mortar & stand
6" Amy Allen
walkie talkie
6" Murdock grappling hook & string
6" Rattler binoculars, rifle strap, grappling hook & string
6" Viper
6" Python ratchet

Off Road Attack Cycle disc (6)

Complete Figures & Playsets:
3 3/4" Hannibal
3 3/4" Python

Action Corvette
Armoured Attack Adventure Set
Interceptor Jet Bomber
Motorized Patrol Boat
Tactical Van Playset
Combat Headquarters

Command Chopper
Combat Attack Gyro-copter
Command Center

Weapons & Accessories:

Odius Ogre book of magic
Umber Hulk dungeon treasure

Complete PVC Figures:
Steadfast Men-at-arms
need knight with mace
Shambling Mound & treasure sack
Troglodyte & goblin

Air Raiders
Complete Vehicles & Playsets:
Command Outpost
Wind Razor

AWA All Star Wrestlers (Remco)

Greg Gagne belt
Jim Brunzell belt
Nick Bockwinkle belt
Stan Lane bowtie, harness thing
Larry Zabyzsco white shirt

Complete Figures:
Marty Janetty
Boris Zhukov
Nord the Barbarian
Sheik Adnan Al Kaissie

Steel Cage Playset

Battlestar Galactica
Parts & Accessories:

need 2 doors
Baltar pistol

Complete Figures & Ships:

Black Hole
Parts & Accessories:
Sentry gun
STAR gun

Complete Figures:

I am also interested in any of the 12” figures

Parts & Accessories:

Meuton handcuffs
Overlord LL cape
Tongo LL black weapon pack
Neptul LL cape

Warlock green figure clip
Triton orange figure clip

Vehicles & Playsets:
Ice Castle

Buck Rogers
12" Dr Huer
12" Draco
12" Draconian Guard

Star Fighter
Star Seeker

Butch & Sundance
Parts & Accessories:

Marshall Lefors pistol
Sherrif Bledsoe pistol
Sundance Kid pistol

Complete Figures, Vehicles & Playsets:
O.C. Hanks

Spurrs horse
Bluff horse
Mint Wagon
Western Cafe

Captain Power
Parts & Accessories:

Sargeant Scout Baker antenna

Ships & Playsets:
Phantom Striker

Dread Trooper
Dread Commander
Resistance Ambush Pod
Anti-Personnel Patroller
Bio Dread Armoured Destroyer
Skybike ST-3000
T.R.A.C. 5000
Missile Lock Indicator

COPS n Crooks
Parts & Accessories:

Airwave need phone, red wheel, red pull cord

Vehicles & Playsets
Pursuit Jet

Defenders of the Planets
Parts & Accessories
gold sword, silver shield
Zardoom staff, shield
Canis Major staff, shield

Lion Steed
Dino Beast
Rhino Beast
Dino Demon

Dr. Who (Dapol)
Complete Figures:

Dalek red with black spots
Dalek red with gold spots
Dalek red with silver spots
Dalek black with gold spots
Dalek grey with black spots
Dalek grey with blue spots
Davros with left hand

25th Anniversary Commemorative Set

Also interested in any complete 1990s Dr Who Dapol figures

Dukes of Hazzard
Complete Figures:

Sherrif Roscoe Coltrane
Luke Duke (Luke face variant)

General Lee
Boss Hogg's Caddy
Daisy's Jeep
Police Chase Car (both versions)

Eagle Force
Parts & Accessories:

Big Bro shotgun
Zapper M-16
Beta Man flamethrower gun, backpack & mask
The Cat
Nemesis sniper rifle
Sgt Brown grenade launcher

Complete Figures:
Goldie Hawk

Wild Bill
Baron Von Chill

Complete Vehicles & Accessories:
Communications Adventure Pack
Ocean Patrol Adventure Pack
Tactical Adventure Pack
Bivouac Adventure Pack
Outpost Adventure Pack (South American Release)
Eliminator Jeep
Ambush Jeep
Talon Tank
V.O.T.L. Jet
Amphibious Carrier (European Release)

Earth Force
Parts & Accessories:

Cherokee rifle, pistol
Lazar rifle, pistol
Major Barton rifle, pistol, red boot (1)
Colonel Jackson rifle, boot (2)

Complete Figures:
Commander Kelly
have boot (2), Armour (F&B)
Professor Hacket have armour (F&B), shield, knife, boot (1)
Professor Orden Atom
Doctor Roger Wolf

Also interested in any other dark green colored Earth Force figures

Filmation's Ghostbusters
Complete Figures

Scared Stiff

Vehicles & Playsets:
Bone Troller
Ghost Buggy
Scare Scooter

Galaxy Rangers
Parts & Accessories:
Zachary Foxx badge
Shane Gooseman badge, cowboy hat

Complete Vehicles & Playsets:

Galaxy Fighters
Parts & Accessories:

Batoon shield with skull
Magoon shield with eagle
scimitar, shield with eagle

Complete Figures:
Castle of Doom

Galaxy Warriors
Parts & Accessories:

Dragoon armour, shield
Rahh tiger face shield
Ygg tiger face shield
Thor tiger face shield

Complete Figures:

Parts & Accessories:
Power Warrior Suit Grungy
GBP1, GBP3, fist (2), foot (2), black weapon (4), canopy for GBP4
Pumper crane arm
Crane Brain crane arm

Complete Figures:
11 Dozer
19 Royal-T

23 Blaster
28 Geeper Creeper (have rifle)
30 Night Ranger
33 Flip Top
35 Blaster
36 Street Heat
43 Snoop
45 Cy-Kill
49 Stallion
50 Sparky
52 Heat Seeker
53 Stinger
54 Major Mo
55 Bad Boy
56 Creepy
57 Tailpipe black
58 Tailpipe red
59 Bladez
61 Hornet
62 Treds
64 Mr Moto
65 Mach 3
66 Man-o-war
67 Ace
68 Bolt
69 Dart
71 Gunnyr
72 Bent Wing

Power Suit Courageous
Power Suit Nemesis
Boomer Blast
Gaurdian Fortress
Guardian Headquarters

Tic Tac

Super Gobots:
Baron Von Joy*
Herr Fiend*
Leader 1
Staks Transport Set
Super Couper (have broken one)
Night Fright

Also interested in any complete Dread Launchers, Secret Riders and certain other misc GoBot toys and Arco robots.

Golden Girl
Complete Figures:


Shadow* & Chariot
Olympia & Chariot
Palace of Gems

also looking for any fashion sets (have 14, 15 & 16)

Indiana Jones
Complete Figures:
Indy in German Uniform

Complete Vehicles & Playsets:
Well of Souls
Convoy Truck
Arabian Horse

Karate Kid
Parts & Accessories:
Daniel w. Break-Away Wood
2 wood pieces

Johnny w. Break-Away Wall
(black robe, black figure) figure only
Daniel w. Break-Away Ice
(gold robe, white figure) have 2 ice parts
Miyagi w. Break-Away Wood (light blue robe, white figure)
Miyagi w. Break-Away Log (pink robe, light blue pants)

Competition Center
Attack Alley & Training Center
Sato's Cannery
Corner Challenge Playset

Legends of the West
Bat Masterson
Wild Bill
Wyatt Earp
General Custer
Billy the Kid
Dead Wood Dick

Fire Wagon
Peddlers Wagon
Covered Wagon

M P.A.C.T.

Kelly Nightwing

Complete Vehicles & Playsets:
Global Force Air Avenger
Shatterforce Aero Scorpion
Global Force Headquarters

Figures, Parts & Accessories:

Goliath missile (2)
Bulldog missile, chainsaw
Billboard Blast
back half of billboard & rocket (1)
Piranha front motorcycle windshield

Complete Vehicles & Playsets:
Boulder Hill Playset
Alex Sector figure, Jack Rabbit mask, gas pump & gun turrent
Julio Lopez figure & mask
Ace Riker & Ricochet mask
Buzzsaw mask
Miles Mayhem figure, Powerhouse mask & red hose
have missile
have door gun
Pitstop Catapult
The Collector
ejector seat, Vanessa Warfield figure & Whip mask

have Streamer mask
orange missile
Viper mask
Laser Command
Ramp Up

Adventure Pack - Venom's Revenge have blue backpack
Adventure Pack - Rescue Mission
have blue backpack
Adventure Pack - Artic Assault
Adventure Pack - Glider Strike
Adventure Pack - Racing Arena
Vehicle: Sea Attack

Ninja Assassins/Defenders
Weapons & Accessories:
Rotund San mask
Tyro mask
Terminator vest
Strykor vest*
Dagger (7)
Quiver (4)
Sickle (1)

Pocket Heroes (Mego)
Complete Figures:
Wonder Woman
Captain America

Bat Cave
Hulk Explorer
Bat Shuttle
Robin Shuttle
Spider Mobile

Comic Action Heroes (Mego)
Vehicles & Playsets:

Collapsing Tower
Exploding Bridge
Fortress of Solitude
The Mangler

Micronauts (Mego)
Parts & Accessories:
Pharoid gold leg wing
Galactic Defender White
foot(1), hand (1), silver gauntlet (2), helmet front, sword
Galactic Warrior Blue launcher, missile (2)
white rear wheel peg
Andromeda missile launcher, missile (4), large wheel (2), small wheel (2), wheel hub (4)
Galactic Cruiser
axle arm (2)
Gamatron large wheel (2), silver antennae (2)

Mobile Exploration Lab
missile launcher, missile (2), , forward capsule - main body (top and bottom), white 5mm peg to hold tires (2), small dome, stabilizers (4) & rear stabilizer joint section

Star Searcher rubber tipped missile, front wheel assembly, right arm & beam, left arm & beam
Aquatron extension arm, hinge unit
Battle Cruiser small missile (1), bullet missile (2)
Interplanetary HQ small dome, elevator small tube connector & rear chair pin connector, silver hinge connectors (2), small black pin connector (4), black 6-way connector (1), small black H connector (2), small black angled connector (4)
Hornetroid rocket launcher assembly

Space Glider Green & Gold
Galactic Warrior Green & Red
Acroyear Green & Pink

Pharoid Red
Acroyear II Silver, Blue & Red
Baron Karza
Force Commander & Oberon
Giant Acroyear

Galactic Defender Grey & Yellow

Time Traveller (Opaque) Green, Red, Blue & Yellow

Emperor & Megas
King Atlas & Lantaurion
Green Baron & Pegasus
Red Falcon

Complete Vehicles & Playsets:
Crater Cruncher
Ultronic Cruiser
Warp Racer
(have instructions)
Hydro Copter

Rhodium Orbiter
Thorium Orbiter
Neon Orbiter

Galactic Command Center
(have 18 black connectors)
Microrail City
Satellite Survey Station (Montgomery Wards)

Star Defender
Rocket Tubes
Deluxe Rocket Tubes
Space Vehicle (Montgomery Wards )
Rocket Tubes (Sears)
Mega City (Sears)


Also interested in any Nuovi Micronauti, Interchangeables or Lords of Light toys

Power Lords
Complete Figures, Ships & Playsets:
Power Patroller

Power Transporter
The Exploder
Boulder Blaster
Trap Rock

Rambo (Coleco)
Parts & Accessories:

TD Jackson launcher, disc (3), rifle, pistol
SAVAGE Strike Headquarters
signal light louvers, roof mount (2)

Muscle Power Rambo

Also interested in any Rambo Gold or Rambo Desert Squad figures by Jocsa from Argentina.

Robotech (Matchbox)

Parts & Accessories:
Quadrano Power Armour (Harmony Gold) pistol

Figures, Ships & Playsets:
Black 3 3/4" Miriya
Zentraedi Officers Battle Pod



Flamestone Jewel Lord weapon
Snarlie Narlie battery cover

Solitaire Jewel Lord

Rock Pot

Schwarzenegger Commando
3" Matrix gun, bazooka strap
6" Lead Head

Secret Wars
Red Spiderman hologram (1)
Hobgoblin hologram (3)
Iceman hologram (3)

Star Dart

Parts & Accessories:

Dragonflyer wing (1)*
General Spidrax net

Figures, Ships & Playsets:

Sgt. Rock & The Bad Guys
Parts & Accessories Bad Guys

machine gun
BAD Battle Action Amphibious Destroyer antenna
LEM Attack Command Vehicle machine gun

Figures Sgt Rock
Special Forces

Vehicles & Playsets Sgt Rock
Airborne Parachute Invader
ATC Amphibious Armored Troop Carrier
Sky Fox Copter Gunship

Vehicles & Playsets Bad Guys
Assault Raft Invasion Set
Big Bad Chopper

Shogun Warriors
Parts & Accessories:

5" Raider V2
missile (1)
5” Poseidon V1
red missile (1)
5” Mazinga V2 sword (2), left fist*
24" Daimos
missile (2)
24” Gaiking
2nd issue missile (3)
24" Raydeen
delta wing notched missile (1)
24” Dragun
2nd issue star launcher, yellow star (1), red star (2), blue star (2)
Solar Saucer missile (2), Grandizer figure

Figures, Ships & Playsets:
5” Mazinga V1

5” Poseidon V1
have blue missile (1)
5” Poseidon V3 have missile (1)
5" Dragun V1
5" Raider V1
3” Danguard
3” Gaiking
3” Leopoldon
3” Voltes V
3” 17

I am interested in any “2 in 1” figures and vehicles as well.

Six Million Dollar Man
Parts & Accessories:
Bionic Transport Repair Station
x-ray unit, leg (6), rocket pod support, x-ray support (1), microscope, hose (4), blue hose end (8)

Complete Figures, Vehicles & Accessories:
Steve Austin with Bionic Grip
have steel girder
Steve Austin Biosonic Arm
Oscar Goldman
Dr Kromedome
OSI Headquarters
Mission Control Center
Venus Space Probe
Bionic Mission Vehicle
Porta Communicator
ritical Assignment Legs
Mission to Mars Space Suit
OSI Undercover Assignment Outfit
Test Flight at 7500 Feet Suit

Spiral Zone
Colonel Dirk Courage
Lieutenant Hiro Taka
(have helmet, armour, boot (2), suit, crossbow (3), saw
Duchess Dire

Dragon Warrior Suit
Paratrooper Jump Suit
Jet Pilot Suit

Zone Rider Armoured Combat Cycle
Bull Whip Cannon
Sledge Hammer Battle Tank

Spin Shot
Snapper Claws

Steel Monsters

Also looking for any of the vehicles complete

Parts & Accessories:
Thunderclaw handlebar (2), claw grip (2)
Cats Lair right jail wall, ladder

Complete Vehicles & Playsets:
Laser Saber Black

Complete Figures:
Dolph water pack*
Spike Marlin (need figure only)

American Defense
Complete Figures:
1986 (red, white & blue packaging)
Karate King*
Black Belt
Sky Fighter*
Bush Fighter*

Sped 1
Survival Specialist
Chopper 2
Captain Steel
T Crasher
Martial Flash
Bulls Eye

1986 (navy blue packaging)

General Ironboot

1989 Spy Series SIT
The Fish
Trench Coat

Also interested in any Battle Sounds or Liquid Fighters figures

*Need individual MOC figure only

Complete Vehicles & Playsets:
AX-1 Sky Raider

TAG Trigger Action Gunship

Amphibious Assault
Battle Hovercraft
City Attack Data Communications Base
High Country Airbourne Assault
Obstacle Course
Rough Trax

Liquid Fighters Attack Trike
Liquid Fighters Jet Streak
Liquid Fighters refill

Ninja Strike Force
Complete Figures:
Shaolin Monk
Tae Kwon Do Warrior

U.S. Forces
Parts & Accessories:

Command Center
Air Fighter Assault Vehicle, Land Fighter Assault Vehicle, heavy battle canon, double barrel machine gun, armored gun mount (2), heavy armored shield (1), winch (1), 14 piece military arsenal

Complete Vehicles & Playsets:
Cannon Cycle
Land Fighter
Command Chopper
Land Attack Machine

Also looking for any vehicles or playsets from this line

Space Raiders
Parts & Accessories:

Tanco (missing sticker) pistol, sword, communicator
pistol, sword, communicator
Newt belt, pistol, sword, communicator
Wag belt, pistol, sword, communicator

Complete Figures:

I am looking for any Space Fighter or Space People action figures or accessories

Warrior Beasts & Lost World of the Warlord
Skullface (with belt variant) have knife & bow

Journey Through Time Playset
Mighty Stallion (War Team) Black version

Parts & Accessories:
Horse stand (2)

Willow with Elora
Airik Thaughbaer with horse
Nockmaar Mangonel with Nockmaar Warrior
Castle Catapult with Rebel Trooper
Chase Chariot with Nockmaar Lieutenant

brown belt
black belt
Cowboy Bob Orton hat
Mr Fuji cane
Junkyard Dog chain & collar
Hacksaw Jim Duggan 2x4
Koko B Ware Frankie
Big Boss Man baton
Slick hat

Andre the Giant blue trunks short  hair
Andre the Giant black trunks
Jimmy Superfly Snuka
Roddy Piper (red & brown boot versions)
King Harley Race
Hulk yellow shirt
Referee white shirt
Tito Santana purple trunks
Elizabeth gold skirt
Corporal Kirchner with beard
George the Animal Steele hairy version
Jimmy Hart no hearts on megaphone

Bendy Hulk Hogan
Bendy Big John Studd
Bendy Brutus Beefcake
Bendy George Animal Steele
Bendy Macho Man Randy Savage
Bendy Ricky Steamboat
Cage Match Playset

Other Figure Lines
Bionic Six J.D. need figure only
Dragonriders of the Styx Black Wizard

Inhumanoids Redwoods
Lord of the Rings (Knickerbocker) Frodo's Horse
Lords of Light Topen
Over the Top Cleve "Armbender" Dean
Secret of the Ninja any 2nd series figures or weapons
Sarge Team Gunner (have rifle)
Star Trek III ERTL Captain Kirk
Super Stars (ERTL) Sylvester Stallone
Super Stars (ERTL) Richard Petty
Super Stars (ERTL) Darrel Waltrip
Tacky Stretchoid Warriors Thunderbolt
Tacky Stretchoid Warriors Goldblaster

Vehicles, Creatures & Playsets:
Bronze Bombers Motorcycle
Sea Bat
Defenders of the Earth
Garax Swordship
Defenders of the Earth Grip-Jaw
Dragonriders of the Styx
Mystery Action Dragon
Lone Ranger Western Town playset
M*A*S*H Helicopter
M*A*S*H Military Base

Super Powers Justice Jogger

Parts & Accessories:
Action Man Captain Zargon sword, visor
Big Jim
Baja Beast winch assembly, steering wheel, antenna, top & rear roll bars, camping gear
Big Jim Boat & Buggy Set outboard motor, fish
Big Jim Kung Fu Studio muscle mover, power belt, stool leg (3), shinai stick, bar supports (2), exercise bar, barbell shaft, barbell (3)
Big Jim Rescue Rig rear wheel and axel assembly, rescue drill, pike, walkie talkie, chainsaw, communications centre
Big Jim Sky Commander
white rivet, outside white latch (1)
Big Jim Sports Camper boat & seats (2), fishing pole, mountain climbing & rescue gear with hook, shelter poles (2), table leg (2), large pot handle, coffee pot lid, camp stool (1), camp stool cover (2), fire pit
Bionic Six
Glove black laser
Bionic Woman Jaimie Sommers Oscar picture
Bobby Orr doll
skates (2), stick, puck
Bravestarr Thirty Thirty right rein
Bugmen of Insecta Carnivora/King Stinga beetle
Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos Ninja Serpent foot blade
Convertors Hoot axe, inside arm (l&r)
Convertors Focus right arm
Duke Action Firefighter harness
Dune Beast Rabban knife

Flash Gordon Ming pistol
Interchangeables Count Magno missile(1)
Lord of the Rings (Knickerbocker) Ringwraith Charger
Mego 8" Super Knights Ivanhoe need everything but one boot and silver body suit
8" Star Trek Spock belt, tricorder, communicator
Mego 12" Wonder Woman stand
Mego 12" Kiss Peter Criss arm bands, right arm "muscle version"
Mego 12" Kiss Ace Frehley arm bands, left leg "muscle version"

Super Powers Hall of Justice red vehicle landing pad ramp
Pirates of the Galaxseas Ribs piece of eight coin
Robo Force Sentinal weapons
Robostrux Brutox part numbers 31, (blue gun turrent base), 38, 40, 41 (2), 42 (1), pilot (1) (38-42 are all chrome weapons)
Space 1999 (Mattel) Professor Bergman/Dr. Russell communicator
Starriors Cosmittor Deadeye disc (14), double laser attachment
UFO Commander Seven Bluesilver missile (2)
Voltron III Matchbox Diecast need red & green lion heads & yellow lion
Wheeled Warriors Gun Grinner large grey gun attachment, street beater wheels (2), black wheel attachment
Wizard of Oz Dorothy basket

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