Action Figure Archive


1982 Clutch no helmet
1982 Flash no accessories
1982 Scarlet has crossbow (broken crotch, broken left hand)
1982 Snake Eyes has uzi, broken right thumb
1983 Airborne
missing rifle, has file card
1983 Cobra Commander
missing blaster (broken crotch)
1983 Destro
missing blaster, has file card
1983 Doc
1983 Duke
complete with file card, broken crotch
1983 Gung Ho
complete, broken crotch
1983 HISS Driver
complete with file card
1983 Snowjob
missing rifle, 1 ski pole, has file card
1983 Snowjob
has backpack, skiis
1983 Torpedo
complete with file card
1983 Torpedo
has backpack
1983 Tripwire with backpack
1983 Wild Bill
complete with file card
1983 Zap
complete with file card
1984 Blowtorch
missing blowtorch
1984 Blowtorch
has backpack & mask
1984 Duke
no accessories (broken crotch)
1984 Mutt complete
1984 Mutt has helmet
1984 Recondo
has rifle (broken right thumb)
1984 Thunder missing helmet, headset, visor
1985 Airtight
has backpack
1985 Barbecue no accessories
1985 Alpine missing grappling & string
1985 Barbecue has axe
1985 Dusty
missing bipod
1985 Frostbite
complete with filecard
1985 Snake Eyes
complete with filecard
1985 Tollbooth missing hammer
1986 Dialtone missing backpack

1986 Zandar complete with filecard
1986 Wet Suit
(broken crotch, hammer loop missing), missing only mouthpiece
1986 Iceberg complete (paint on gun)
1986 Iceberg
(missing lower right leg)
1986 Beachhead
complete, (broken crotch, bag strap broken)
1986 Mainframe
has backpack & computer
1986 Motor Viper complete
1986 Dr. Mindbender has generator, prod
1986 Stratoviper complete
1987 Battleforce 2000 Avalanche has rifle
1987 Chuckles no accessories (broken thumb)
1987 Cobra Commander (2) no accessories (broken crotch)
1987 Crazy Legs has rifle, parachute
1987 Crazy Legs no accessories (broken crotch)

1987 Fast Draw has visor, white missile (2)

1987 Ice Viper no accessories (broken right thumb)
1987 Law missing Order, uzi
1987 Psych-Out no accessories (broken left thumb)
1987 Raptor no accessories
1987 Raptor no falcon
1987 Falcon (broken crotch) no accessories
1987 Fast Draw has visor, backpack, missile (2)
1987 Zanzibar (2) no accessories
1987 Nemesis Enforcer no accessories (2)
1987 Sneak Peak no accessories
1988 Astro Viper no accessories (broken crotch)
1988 Budo missing only helmet ornament (broken right arm)
1988 Budo has backpack, sword

1988 Charbroil has helmet, gun, backpack
1988 Hydro Viper has flippers (2), rifle, manta ray
1988 Stormshadow has bow (broken string), backpack
1988 Voltar has gun, backpack
1989 Alley Viper missing rifle, shield, backpack
1989 Darklon missing rifle
1989 Backblast no accessories

1989 Python Patrol Python Trooper missing rifle

1989 Rampage missing rifle
1989 Recoil no accessories (broken left foot)
1990 Dialtone no accessories (broken crotch)
1990 Rampart has rifle
1990 Stretcher has backpack, antennae & gun
1990 Stretcher no accessories
1990 SAW Viper no accessories (broken crotch)
1990 Topside no accessories (broken crotch)
1991 Cobra BAT has launcher, arm attachment
1991 Cobra Commander no accessories
1992 Destro has launcher
1992 Dojo no accessories
1992 Slice no accessories
1993 Dr. Mindbender no accessories
1993 Ace no accessories
1993 Armour Tech Star Brigade Robo Joe no accessories
1994 Battle Corps Night Creeper Leader no accessories

Figure Weapons & Accessories:
I have a ton of accessory pack weapons, just ask me what you need

1982 Breaker backpack
1982 Grunt backpack

1983 Airborne
1983 Destro attache case (2)
1983 Gung Ho backpack (2)
1983 Major Bludd
1983 Stalker
1983 Torpedo
1984 Blowtorch backpack (3)
1984 Ripcord helmet, parachute
1984 Roadblock backpack (2), ammo box
1984 Scrap Iron missile (2)
1984 Spirit backpack, Freedom (missing claw)
1985 Alpine backpack (2), gun (broken strap), pick
1985 Bazooka backpack (3)
1985 Dusty backpack (3)
1985 Flint backpack (5)
1985 Footloose backpack
1985 Ripper backpack & frame (3)
1985 Snow Serpent backpack
1985 Quick Kick backpack
1985 Tomax/Xamot gun (6)
1985 Torch backpack (4)
1986 BATS backpack
1986 Beachead rifle (2), backpack (3)
1986 Hawk helmet
1986 Leatherneck backpack
1986 Lowlight backpack (2)
1986 Lifeline case (2), backpack (2)
1986 Mainframe backpack (3)
1986 Monkeywrench gun
1986 Roadblock machine gun (2)
1986 SciFi rifle
1986 Serpentor snake cowl
1986 Thrasher lacrosse stick (3)
1986 Wet Suit backpack (3)
1986 Zaranna backpack, rifle
1987 Battleforce 2000 Avalanche silver rifle
1987 Crazy Legs parachute
1987 Knockdown gun
1987 Jinx backpack (2)
1987 Mercer gun, backpack
1987 Outback backpack (2), harness
1987 Psych Out backpack
1987 Red Dog backpack (2)
1987 Steel Brigade rifle, backpack*
1987 Tunnel Rat large green backpack (8)
1988 Blizzard ski (3), helmet (2), rifle, handle, backpack
1988 Budo backpack (2)
1988 Hardball grenade launcher ammo chamber piece
1988 Hit n Run rifle, duffle bag
1988 Repeater backpack (3), machine gun
1988 Road Pig shoulder pads
1988 Shockwave backpack
Spearhead & Max backpack
1988 Stormshadow backpack (3)
1988 Toxo Viper helmet, backpack
1989 Annihilator backpack, handle (1)
1989 Deejay rifle (2), backpack
1989 Deep Six helmet
1989 Downtown backpack
1989 Gnawgahyde hat
1989 Lowlight backpack (2), bazooka
1989 Python Crimson Guard backpack
1989 Python Tele-Viper backpack
1989 Rock n Roll backpack
1989 TARGET gun (2), backpack
1990 Bullhorn sniper rifle barrel
1990 Captain Grid Iron backpack
1990 Dialtone pistol (broken strap)
1990 Laser Viper backpack cannon
1990 Pathfinder rifle
1991 Grunt helmet, launcher & stand, missile*
1991 Heavy Duty backpack*
1991 Incinerators backpack
1991 Lifeline backpack*
1991 Low Light rifle*
1991 Major Altitude helmet*
1991 Red Star missile*
1991 SciFi backpack (2)*
1992 Barricade backpack*
1992 Bulletproof launcher, missile, rifle, helmet, backpack*
1992 Firefly rifle, blade launcher*
1992 Stormshadow scythe*
1992 Wild Bill pistol, launcher*
1993 Alley Viper backpack*
1993 Battle Corps Bazooka launcher
1993 Cobra Commander launcher*
1993 Colonol Courage pistol*
1993 Flak Viper backpack*
1993 Heat Viper missile*
1993 Monstro-Viper mace*
1993 Snowstorm missile*

1992 12" Stalker grenade
2002 12" Firefly gun
12" green machine gun

GI Joe 12" Vintage Parts & Accessories:
Bearded red hair GI Joe Brown short boot
Astronaut Silver short boot

Short White boot
Action Team Sandstorm Survival Adventure Set canteen
Capture the Pygmy Gorilla camera gun
Adventure Team green backpack, yellow scuba tanks
black dive lamp (2)
silver dive lamp
silver water bottle
silver flare gun

File Cards :
Wolverine Driver Cover Girl
Mortar Soldier Short Fuze
Mean Dog Driver Wildcard

Figure Parts :

1982 Rock n Roll head, legs
1982 Grunt
head, torso, legs, crotch
1982 Zap
head, back torso, crotch
1982 Short Fuze
head (2), legs (2), crotch (2), torso (3)
1983 Airborne head, arms, legs, torso
1983 Destro
head, torso, arms, left leg
1983 Doc
head, torso, arms
1983 Tripwire
head, torso, arms
1984 Mutt
right arm
1984 Recondo
arms, legs
1984 Roadblock
head, left leg, torso
1984 Spirit
back torso
1984 Thunder
head, arms, legs
1985 Ripper
head, arms, legs, torso
1985 Snake Eyes
torso, legs, head
1985 Dusty head, arms, legs
1986 Thrasher crotch
1987 Sea Slug legs
1987 Croc Master head, arms, legs, torso
1987 Law & Order head, torso, legs, right arm
1988 Lightfoot head, arms, legs, torso
1988 Muskrat right arm, crotch, legs
1991 Rock n Roll arms, torso

I also have one 82/83 crotch that look like Zap's but is the color of Short Fuze

Vehicle & Playsets:

1982 VAMP missing steering wheel, gas can (2), machine gun base
1983 Carry Case
missing weapon hatch cover
1983 Dragonfly
complete, has blueprints
1983 JUMP Jet Pack
missing backpack, gun, hose
1983 Fang
missing roll bar, 1 rotor broken off, has blueprints
1983 Polar Battle Bear complete
1983 Polar Battle Bear
missing rear hatch, roll bar, 1 front gun
1983 Skystriker
missing front missile (1), passenger top hatch cover, parachure (2). Includes Ace
1983 Wolverine
has grey missile (5) (missing tow rope, engine cover, missile (7)
1984 CLAW missing machine gun cover
1984 CLAW
missing machine gun cover, 1 wing tip, handlebars, 2 landing gear & wheel, 2 small wheels, missile (2)
1984 Machine Gun Defense Unit missing stand (1)
1984 MANTA complete, sail ripped in two pieces
1984 Sharc complete
1984 Slugger missing machine gun
1984 Slugger missing machine gun, top access panel
1984 Slugger missing machine gun, top access panel (I wheel peg broken off & wheel missing)
1984 Stinger Jeep missing passenger door, turret
1984 Water Moccasin missing torpedo top
1985 Armadillo (2) complete
1985 AWE Striker missing engine & cover, hose
1985 Bridge Layer missing cannon (1)
1985 Ferret missing missile (1), engine cover, hose
1985 Ferret (2) missing missile (2), engine cover, hose
1985 Flight Pod complete
1985 Flight Pod missing mine, turbo stabilizer
1985 Flight Pod missing mine, turbo stabilizer, front gun, missile (2)
1985 Silver Mirage missing handlebars, kickstand, missile (1)
1985 Snowcat missing wiper (broken launcher clips, broken rear track clips - nice and white though)
1986 Air Chariot complete
1986 Conquest X-30 missing drivers side small black fin
1986 Dreadnok Thunder Machine missing antenna, steering wheel
1986 Stun missing flag (2), right engine cover
1986 Stun missing flag (2), engine cover (2), wheel cover (2), rear machine gun
1986 Swampfire complete - rotar head peg broken
1986 Swampfire missing rotor head, right pontoon
1986 Triple-T missing engine cover
1986 Triple-T missing engine cover, side gun (1), missile (2)
1987 Battleforce 2000 Eliminator complete
1987 Buzz Boar missing missile (2), seat
1987 Dreadnok Air Skiff (2) missing missile (1) (main body has a few broken tabs)
1987 Dreadnok Cycle missing top gun, door (2)
1987 Sea Ray missing canopy
1987 SLAM complete
1987 Vector Jet missing right landing gear, left hatch, rear guns, wings (2), missiles (4)
1987 Persuader missing small gun
1987 Rope Crosser Motorized Action Packhook & string
1987 SLAM missing all missiles
1987 WOLF missing rear ski (2), wheel (1)
1987 WOLF missing canopy (2), top gun mount, rear ski (2), wheel (2)
1988 Adder missing missile (1)
1988 Imp complete
1988 RPV missing hose, seat belt
1988 Skystorm X-wing Chopper complete
1988 Skystorm X-wing Chopper missing top hatch, torpedo (6)
1988 Stellar Stilleto missing canon, canopy
1989 Arctic Blast machine gun
1991 Badger missing flag
1992 Parasite missing rubber band, bomb (3)

1987 Rope Crosser Action Pack
1987 Rope Walker Action Pack
1987 Anti Aircraft Gun Action Pack
1987 Helicopter Action Pack
1987 Pom Pom Gun Pack

Vehicle & Playset Parts and Accessories:

1982 RAM 2 side bags, gattlin cannon, front fender
1982 MMS computer
1983 APC steering wheel (2), turret
1983 Dragonfly side gun (broken tab), side gun hose, outboard missile
1983 Fang bomb, missile
1983 Manta missile, lower mast, rifle
1983 Polar Battle Bear handlebars, hood with windshield
1983 Pac Rat Machine Gun turret, gun arms, wheels (4), chassis, weapon connector (1), barrel (3), dome
1983 Pac Rat Flamethrower turret, twin guns, bottom plate & pin, rear turret, front & side tracks
1983 Pac Rat Missile Launcher 1 missile
1983 GI Joe HQ chair, double cannon, main cannon & control pod, radar dish, engine cover
1983 Skystriker outboard missile, rear landing gear wheels, landing gear retainer
1983 Whirlwind seat
1984 Bivouac tripod stand & post
1984 Chameleon Swamp Skier junk box
1984 Rattler grey renegade missile (2), ion missile with nose cone (3), ion missile nose cone, black outboard missile (5), bomb (6), bomb rack (2), silver engine exhaust, black wheel, silver engine intake
1984 WHALE dashboard (2), black wheel, left engine cover, retainer (2), missile (6), depth charge release, depth charge (3), machine gun (2), turret, propeller shroud (2), propeller, horizontal vane (4), cannon, sled windshield, bicycle (no front wheel)
1984 Sky Hawk missile (2)
1984 Missile Defense Unit launcher & stand, large wall
1984 Mortar Defense Unit gas can (3)
1984 Slugger stabilizer blade
1984 Stinger Jeep missile (1)
1984 Vamp Mark II left & right water can
1984 Watch Tower 2 long side tower pieces (2), floor
1985 Ammo Dump figure stand (2), grenade box, missile, rocket (3), grey rocket (3)
1985 AWE Striker engine
1985 Bridgelayer chassis, wheels (4), right track
1985 Flight Pod seat, console (front)
1985 Forward Observer figure stand
1985 Moray Hydrofoil missile, side missile (4), machine gun, deck gun (2), tail pipe (2), male torpedo half
1985 Silver Mirage body faring, windshield, grenade, sidecar gun
1985 Cobra Bunker Battlestation missile middle section
1985 USS Flagg anchor
1985 Night Landing radio (2)
1985 Snowcat missile (3), canopy
1986 Air Chariot black post, gun (2), left fin, handlebar
1986 Conquest grey missile, canopy
1986 Outpost Defender machine gun
1986 Devilfish top gun, missile
1986 Dreadnok Thunder Machine ammo belt, gun barrel (3), engine rotar, right front panel, windshield panel, nose piece, exhaust, top fog light panel
1986 Hydrosled missile, front grill
1986 HAVOC rear gun (2), nose gun, torpedo (4), long bogie wheel
1986 LCV Recon Sled firing controls
1986 Night Raven long silver missile (6), twin missile, rear strut, drone gun, drone, cockpit seat
1986 Tomahawk missile (2), rotor top piece (2), rotor bottom piece, cargo door, winch housing & knob, seat, left winglet, right exhaust port, forward engine cover
1986 Triple T right track
1987 Mamba tail fin, lower torpedo
1987 Cobra Buzz Boar double turret (2), cobra emblem
1987 Eliminator Jeep missile (5), front gun*
1987 Dreadnok Air Skiff front gun, missile (2), propeller housing (front & back), tail fin (2)
1987 Dreadnok Tricycle missile (3), right exhaust, front axle & wheel, turret
1987 Pogo missile (1), lower gun (2)
1987 Battleforce 2000 Skysweeper missile (2)*
1987 WOLF missile (4), engine panel
1987 Mamba mini missile
1987 Mobile Command Center crane hook, large right side gun (2), lube nozzle, spotlight, small missile (4), black laser rifle (4), missile control center, rear control center panel, rear roof panel
1987 Road Toad missile (2)
1987 Sea Ray missile, engine cover
1987 SLAM leg (3), missile (1)
1987 Persuader bumper
1987 Vehicle Gear Accessory Pack Tomahawk missile, Tomahawk bomb (5), Devilfish torpedo (2), Snowcat missile (4), Snowcat torpedo (2), Triple T missile*
1988 Desert Fox 6WD missile (2), antenna, gun, gun mount
1988 Destro's Despoiler missile
1988 Eliminator Jeep hatch
1988 Mine Sweeper Action Pack mine detector
1988 Phantom right wing gun
1988 Rolling Thunder hubcap, yellow missile (2), large missile (missing only the tip, otherwise complete with all yellow missiles & 2 covers)
1988 Skystorm X-wing Chopper torpedo (2), missile (2), left front gun (2), left rear fin, right rear fin (2), canopy, rear ski
1988 Stellar Stilleto small missile (2), large missile (1)
1988 Swampmasher exhaust (2), bomb (2), wheel (6), track*
1988 Tigercat missile (5), torpedo
1988 Vector Jet missile
1988 Warthog wheel (2)
1989 Battlefield Robot Hovercraft missile*
1989 Devestator missile*
1989 Mine Sweeper Motorized Action Pack arm
1989 Tri-Blaster tire
1989 Fang II front gun, missile (6)
1989 Darklon's Evader side machine gun (2)
1989 Python Patrol Asp roll cage, rear hatch, wheel & axel, left turret
1989 Thunderclap tractor cannon, tractor missile, cannon seat
1990 Avalanche controls
1990 Destro's Dominator gold cannon
1990 Hammer gas can*
1990 Hurricane VTOL engine cover, rear thruster, missile (5)*
1990 Piranna left laser, right laser, short missile (2), long missile (2)*
1990 Sky Havoc engine cover, chrome body side steps*
1991 Brawler orange front fender plate (2)
1991 Ice Sabre front gun, ski forks, missile (2)
1992 Desert Apache tail rotor,
1992 Fort America thin yellow missile
1992 HQ green large missile (1)
1992 Rat canopy
1993 Shark 9000 boarding ramp
1994 Action Soldier wall part with turret
1994 Razor Blade side hatch, launcher
1995 Sgt Savage Grizzly SS-1 Jeep missile
1995 Sgt Savage P-40 Warhawk canopy

Silver Mirage
Pac Rat Machine Gun

Other Items:
GI Joe Find Your Fate Book #5
The Everglades Swamp Terror

GI Joe 1991 Impel trading cards 101


Vintage Figures:
Battle Armour He-Man (2)
no accessories
Battle Armour Skeletor (5)
has staff
Battle Armour Skeletor (2) no accessories
Beastman (2)
has armour, whip
Buzz Off
missing helmet
Buzz Off has 1 wing
Buzz Off
no accessories
no accessories
missing ripcord
Dragstor (3)
no accessories
Extendar missing shield
Faker no accessories (no chest sticker)
Grizzlor missing crossbow
has axe
Hordak missing cape only
Hordak has armour
King Hiss missing shield
King Hiss no accessories
Kobra Kahn (2) no accessories
Leech (3) missing crossbow
Man-at-Arms missing armour
Man-at-Arms missing armour & leg armour
Man-at-Arms no accessories
Man-E-Faces complete
Mantenna no accessories
Mantenna complete
Mekanek has armour
Mekaneck no accessories
Merman no accessories
Ninjor have bow & sword, no cape/hood
Ninjor (2) no accessories
Orko no accessories
Prince Adam no accessories
Prince Adam has vest
Ram-Man (4) no axe
Rio Blast has chest door and 1 arm gun
Rio Blast missing left leg armour piece
Roboto no accessories (missing right hand)
Roboto complete
Saurod missing pistol (has a piece of his rear lever broken off)
Skeletor complete
Skeletor complete (sword guard broken)
Skeletor has belt
Skeletor no accessories
Snake Face no accessories
Snout Spout (2) complete
Stinkor (2) missing shield
Stinkor no accessories
Stonedar missing weapon
Stratos  has harness
Stratos (2) no accessories
Squeeeze missing staff
Sy-Klone (2) has sticker, missing shield
Sy-Klone (4)
no shield or sticker
Teela has armour
Teela no accessories
Terror Claws Skeletor (2)
no accessories
Thunder Punch He-Man (2)
no accessories
Trapjaw has 3 arm attachments
Trapjaw no accessories
Triclops no sword
Tung Lashor (3) no accessories
Triclops (2) missing sword
Two Bad (3) no accessories
Webstor (2) no accessories
Whiplash no accessories
Zodac missing pistol

Vintage Vehicles, Creatures & Playsets:
Snake Mountain missing left platform, rail (2), shackle (2), top gate
Battle Cat (2) no accessories
Battle Cat has saddle
Battle Cat complete (no saddle strap)
Panthor (2) has saddle (no strap)
Road Ripper (2) missing pull rope & seatbelt
Roton complete
Stridor complete
Stridor missing rear gun, tail, helmet
Tyrantisaurus Rex no accessories
Zoar complete (stand peg has been glued)

Meteorb Tuskor
Meteorb Ty-Grr (missing bottom of 1 leg)
Meteororb Dinosorb knockoff

Vintage Vehicle, Creature & Playset Parts and Accessories:
Attack Trak track part
Blaster Hawk
bottom silver piece
Castle Grayskull
rifle (3), halbred (2), large axe (5), short sword (2), mace, shield, battle weapon top piece
Eternia central monorail (4), outside monorail (3) - all are broken in some way but are good fillers
Land Shark seat, right side gun
Laser Bolt left laser (2)
Mantisaur saddle
Megalaser red 2 piece armour with strap (2)
Night Stalker side gun, rear gun turret
Point Dread & Talon Fighter Talon Fighter & canopy only
Screech/Zoar front armour (2)
Slime Pit
slime container (2)
Snake Mountain
ladder, right platform
Stilt Stalker armour (2), silver leg piece (1), black handle (1)

Stridor helmet (3), side gun
Roton gun (2)
Turbodactyl left wing (tip of wing is chewed)
Wind Raider rear fin

New Adventures of He-Man Dreadwing part*
Battle Cat (New Version) no accessories

Vintage Figure Weapons & Accessories:
armour (3)
Buzz Off
Clamp Champ
Dragon Blaster Skeletor
rear armour, front armour, dragon head (3)
front armour, rear armour
front armour (3), rear armour (4), crossbow (3)

front armour (3), rear armour (3)
King Hiss
front armour (2), rear armour, left arm
mace (2)
pistol (4)
front armour
chest A, chest B, square connector, right (2) dark green leg, left dark green leg
head green eyes, single gun (3), double gun, chest, square torso piece, y-connector (3), green tail, short tail, 2 claw arms, 5 legs
Orko hat
Rattlor staff (3)
Roboto gun attachment (8), axe
Saurod helmet
Skeletor belt
Stinkor rear armour
Trapjaw gun attachment
Two Bad shield handle
Webstor rifle (2)
Zodac armour

Weapons Pack Zodac black harness (6), black gun (9), silver shield (14), mace (16), rifle (13), blue axe (10), blue sword (8), Beastman whip, yellow armband (23), armour (15), small axe (14), small sword (9)

New Adventures of He-Man Tuskador gun
New Adventures of He-Man Nocturna bow
New Adventures He-Man Skeletor missing helmet

She-Ra Princess of Power Glimmer staff (has chewed end)

She-Ra Princess of Power She-Ra (2) no accessories
She-Ra Princess of Power She-Ra no comb, cape, sword
She-Ra Princess of Power Starburst She-Ra has cape (broken clasp)
She-Ra Princess of Power Angella no accessories
She-Ra Princess of Power Bow no accessories
She-Ra Princess of Power Catra no accessories

She-Ra Princess of Power Double Trouble no accessories
She-Ra Princess of Power Flutterina no accessories
She-Ra Princess of Power 
Glimmer no skirt, collar, tiara, comb
She-Ra Princess of Power Sweet Bee no accessories
New MOTU Samurai Skeletor claw weapon, helmet

Mini Comics:

Masks of Power
Battle in the Clouds (8)
The Vengeance of Skeletor (7)
Rock People to the Recue
Hordak The Ruthless Leaders Revenge (3)
King of the Snake Men
He-Man and the Insect People
The Secret Liquid of Life (the cover has come apart)
Masters of the Universe (8) (the mini storybook one)

Vintage Figures:
C3PO complete
Darth Vader complete (ripped cape)
Death Star Commander no blaster
Death Star Droid complete
Hammerhead (3) no blaster
Hammerhead complete
Han Solo (2) missing blaster
Luke Skywalker (2) complete (broken sabre tip)
Luke X-Wing Pilot (3) no blaster
Obi-Wan Kenobi no accessories
Obi-wan Kenobi complete sabre tip broken, cape ripped
Power Droid missing top rubber antenna
Princess Leia (2) no accessories
Stormtrooper no blaster

AT-AT Commander no pistol
Bespin Security Guard - white
no pistol
Han Solo Bespin no gun
Leia Bespin (2) no accessories
Luke Hoth no rifle
Rebel Commander no rifle
Rebel Snow Soldier (3) no blaster

Ugnaught no accessories
Yoda complete
Yoda missing cane, snake

Admiral Ackbar complete in mail away box
Admiral Ackbar (2) no staff
Biker Scout no pistol
Rebel Commando (3) no rifle
Bib Fortuna missing staff
General Madine no staff
Han Endor no accessories
Han Endor missing blaster
Klattu Skiff (2) no staff
Lando Skiff Guard no accessories
Luke Jedi no accessories
Max Reebo
Nikto (3) no staff
Prune Face has rifle
Rancor Keeper no accessories
Ree Yees no rifle
Squid Head has cape & blaster
Teebo has headgear
Weequay (4) no staff

1985 POTF Anakin Skywalker complete
1985 POTF Han Carbonite
missing carbonite block

12 Luke Skywalker has lightsaber & belt (missing grappling hook)

Vintage Figure Weapons & Accessories (no repros):
Snowtrooper/Dengar rifle (4)
Logray staff (2), pouch
Bossk rifle
21B staff (repro)
IG88 rifle (2)
Luke Bespin blaster
Ugnaught briefcase (2)
Leia Boush rifle
Hoth Backpack (9)
Rebel Transport gas mask
Droopy McCool black microphone stand
FX7 base part
C3PO Removable Limbs left & right leg

12" vintage Luke belt, boot (2)
12" vintage Han belt & holster (2)
12" vintage Boba Fett belt (2)

Droids Jord Dusat complete
Droids Thall Joben no blaster
Ewoks Wicket no spear
Ewoks King Gorneesh no staff

Ewoks Family Hut cart

POTF2 Dengar rifle
POTF2 Han Solo
assault rifle, blaster (black)
POTF2 Han Solo Carbonite blaster (2)
POTF2 Han Solo Hoth blaster (3)
POTF2 Leia Hotth blaster (blue)
POTF2 Leia Dark Empire blaster
POTF2 Han/Luke stormtrooper helmet
POTF2 Chewbacca rifle
POTF2 Bossk rifle
POTF2 Sandtrooper rifle, pike
POTF2 Stormtrooper rifle
POTF2 Death Star Rescue Playset gun
Shadows of the Empire Prince Xizor fan half (2)
Shadows of the Empire Prince Swoop launcher

12" Collector's Series Han Solo belt & holster, rifle, pants, boots (2)

Phantom Menace Jar Jar Binks staff
Phantom Menace Naboo Accessory Set rifle, blaster

Vintage Vehicle, Creature & Playset Parts:
AT-ST chin plate (2)
Dagobah Playset blue backpack, brown lever arm
Star Destroyer Playset trap door
Ewok Village throne "stretcher" piece
Vehicle Maintenence Energizer tools (2)
CAP-2 left claw arm
Radar Laser Cannon exploding laser cannon base half
Tauntaun saddle
Snow Speeder harpoon peg
Y-Wing bomb, rear thruster
X-Wing black laser attachment (2)
Millenium Falcon top gun left half (3), right half (pegs broken)
Micro Series Hoth Generator Attack AT-ST bottom piece & top hatch
Micro Series Bespin Gantry platform piece

Vintage Vehicles, Creatures & Playsets:
Landspeeder (missing gear handle)
Dagobah Playset complete
Ewok Village complete

Rancor complete


Jabba the Hutts Throne Room has throne with 1 monster head, bowl holder
ISP-6 missing top hatch, ski (1), wing gun (1)
Diecast X-Wing complete

Diecast Snowspeeder complete

Other Items :
Darth Vader Carry Case (2)



Optimus Prime
missing hose
Optimus Prime
missing fist (2), blaster, nozzle, hose & rocket (1)
Optimus Prime missing fist (2), blaster, nozzle, hose, rocket (4) Trailer door latch broken
Optimus Prime
missing fist (2), blaster, nozzle, gas pump, hose, rocket (4) Trailer door latch & 1 stack broken
Optimus Prime
cab only
no accessories or canopy
has Paralyzo box
Beachcomber (2)
no accessories, 1 mirror broken
complete with instruction & product manuals
missing left fist, radar panel (2), missile (1), sensor
no accessories
missing right fist (hook broken off crane)
missing missile (2)
Astrotrain (2)
no weapons
Blitzwing MIB
missing missile (2)
has sword
Dirge (2)
Frenzy (2) complete
no weapons
Ravage complete
no weapons
Omega Supreme
missing only 2 small yellow clips
Dinobot Grimlock
has blaster, missile (1)
Dinobot Grimlock
no accessories
Dinobot Slag
missing sword
Dinobot Slag
no accessories
Dinobot Snarl
Insecticon Bombshell (2)
no rifle
Insecticon Kickback (2)
Insecticon Shrapnel
Insecticon Venom
complete (wings broken off)
Omnibot Camshaft
missing 1 missile
Jumpstarter Twintwist (5)
no rifle
Jumpstarter Topspin (2)
Jumpstarter Topspin
complete (tip broken off rifle)
Constructicon Devestator
Constructicon Devestator
missing Mixmaster chrome blaster missile, right fist
Constructicon Longhaul
complete with tech spec & reader, instructions
Constructicon Longhaul
Constructicon Mixmaster
has pistol, rifle, missile, tech spec & instructions
Constructicon Mixmaster
has pistol, rifle
Constructicon Mixmaster (2)
no accessories
Constructicon Bonecrusher
Constructicon Bonecrusher (2)
no accessories
Constructicon Scavenger
missing right fist
Constructicon Scavenger
missing right fist, pistol
Constructicon Scavenger
no accessories
Aerielbot Silverbolt
has ramp
Aerielbot Air Raid (2)
Stunticon Motormaster
has left fist
Stunticon Deadend
no accessories
Stunticon Dragstrip
no accessories
Combaticon Bruticus
Combaticon Onslaught
no accessories
Combaticon Swindle
Combaticon Vortex
no accessories
Combaticon Blast Off
(missing top fin) no accessories
Protectobot Hot Spot
no accessories
Protectobot Streetwise
no accessories
Protectabot Groove
Protectobot Groove
has twin vaporator (2)
Protectobot First Aid
no accessories
Protectobot Blades
no accessories
Technobot Computron
has all 5 figures, missing Afterburner missile & handgun, Nosecone gun & missle (2), Lightspeed gun & missile (2), Strafe rifle & blaster (2), Scattershot artillery gun (2) (Scattershot has broken piece where 1 wing is attached)
Technobot Afterburner
no accessories
Technobot Lightspeed
no accessories
Technobot Strafe
no accessories
Terrorcon Blot
no accessories
Terrorcon Cutthroat
no accessories
Terrorcon Sinnertwin
has flame cannon
Seacon Snaptrap
has tripod rifle
Blaster (2)
missing rifle
no weapons
Eject (2) complete
no weapons
Grandslam (2)
no weapons
no accessories
Perceptor complete
Perceptor has rifle, missile (1)
no accessories (missing 1 arm)
missing rifle
no accessories
no accessories, missing left tail piece
Hotrod (2)
Rodimus Prime
Rodimus Prime
cab section only
has rifle & laser connector, missing laser barrel
Duocon Flywheels (2)
missing blaster
Duocon Battletrap
missing blaster
Battlecharger Runamuck
Clone Cloudraker
has red rifle (2)
Throttlebot Wideload
Throttlebot Searchlight
Headmaster Hardhead
missing Duros
Targetmaster Sureshot
Targetmaster Slugslinger
missing left leg, Caliburst
Targetmaster Quickmix
has Richochet
no accessories
Powermaster Doubledealer
no accessories
Powermaster Dreadwind
missing accessories
Powermaster Optimus Prime
missing 2 grey rifles
Powermaster Optimus Prime
missing 2 grey and 2 black rifles (trailer missing large grey back panel)
Powermaster Optimus Prime
Pretender Bomburst
has robot, belt
Pretender Bumblebee
Pretender Waverider
shell only
Pretender Vroom
no accessories
Micromaster Flattop missing gun (2), Micromaster jet
Micromaster Roughstuff trailer section
Micromaster Race Car Patrol Swindler
Micromater Constructor Squad
Micromaster Air Strike Patrol
Storm Cloud, Night Flight
Micromaster Battle Patrol Big Shot, Sidetrack & Flak
Micromaster Rescue Patrol Fixit
Micromaster Sports Car Patrol Road Hugger (2) (1 is missing arms)
Predator Stalker no accessories

Parts Bots:

Optimus Prime cab only
parts bot - body only
Prowl parts bot - body only
Smokescreen parts bot
Inferno no accessories, missing 1 arm
Downshift yellowed - no accessories
Camshaft missing roof
missing roof
Gears missing grill
Ratchet parts bot
Sykwarp has only right wing & vertical fins
Skywarp (body only)
Astrotrain (missing right locomotive wheel flap) no rifle
Slag no accessories, missing 1 gold back piece
Slag no accessories, missing horns (have a spare head part that has horns to go with the figure)
Kickback broken antennas, no accessories
Shrapnel (2) no rifle, missing 1 yellow wheel arm
Venom (2) missing wings, no accessories
Soundwave no accessories, missing door
Soundwave has rear clip but no weapons, door broke inside
Soundwave Casette Man door broken inside, no accessories
Soundwave Cassette Man parts bot
Lightspeed missing nose piece
Afterburner has chewed front axle
Omega Supreme (2) tank only, turret broken off
Hot Spot parts bot
parts bot
Hook purple & yellow version parts bot
Silverbolt no accessories, missing 1 leg
Grooves no accessories, yellowed
Gnaw no accessories (missing 2 arms)
Gnaw no accessories (missing 1 arm)
Hot Rod parts bot
Blaster no rifle (missing handle)
Ultra Magnus trailer only (missing 1 rear ramp)
Wreckgar no accessories, wheel rubber missing
Weirdwolf no accessories (missing right front leg)
Snapdragon no accessories (missing wings)
Dreadwind knockoff - no accessories
Brainstorm missing canopy & chest cover, no accessories
Predacon Razorclaw no accessories, end of 1 missile broken off
Predacon Tantrum (2) figure only, neck piece broken
Powermaster Optimus Prime (some broken parts) no accessories
Pretender Skullgrin shell & inner robot (missing hands)
Pretender Submarauder shell
Action Masters Rollout figure only (1 broken off leg)
Sparkstalker nissing 1 arm
Rotorstorm no accessories (broken propeller)

G2 Ransack missing nose, propeller
G2 Megatron Hero no accessories
G2 Optimus Prime has cab (missing & broken parts), trailer (has rear door & inside assembly) and module
G2 Optimus Prime cab only
Mixmaster Black & Yellow KO no accessories (missing rear wheels)

Beast Wars Optimus Primal (3) no accessories
Beast Wars
Optimus Primal
no accessories (missing a few body parts)
Beast Wars Megatron complete
Beast Wars
has missle (2) (missing chest hatch
Beast Wars
Megatron (2)
no accessories (missing chest hatch)
Beast Wars
Optimus Primal vs Megatron
crocodile body (missing left front leg), bat (missing right arm
Beast Wars
missing claw gun
Beast Wars
Drill Bit
Beast Wars
Drill Bit
missing front leg (2)
Beast Wars
missing crossbow, head, left forearm
Beast Wars
parts bot
Beast Wars Razorclaw (2) complete
Beast Wars
missing right foot
Beast Wars
Beast Wars
missing antennae (2)
Beast Wars
has tail sword
Beast Wars
Rhinox (2)
no accessories
Beast Wars
no accessories (missing top of head)
Beast Wars
Buzz Saw
parts bot
Beast Wars
Cheetor (2)
Beast Wars
has tail
Beast Wars
no accessories
Beast Wars
tail, sword, right arm
Beast Wars
missing sword
Beast Wars
missing sword (missing right thumb, head armour)
Beast Wars
missing missile (2), mandibles, front insect leg (2), antennae
Beast Wars
no accessories
Beast Wars
parts bot
Beast Wars Polar Claw parts bot
Beast Wars
Bonecrusher (2)
no missile
Beast Wars
Bonecrusher (2)
no accessories (missing right arm)
Beast Wars
parts bot
Beast Wars Cybershark has head, no fins or weapons
Beast Wars Cybershark no accessories
Beast Wars
Scorponok bee partner, missile (2), right leg
Beast Wars Transquito parts bot
Beast Wars Snarl missing tail rifle
Beast Wars Magnaboss Prowl (4), Silverbolt (3), Ironhide (2), ironhide (missing head)
Beast Wars Tripredicus complete
Beast Wars Tripredicus Sea Clamp (3), Ram Horn (2), Cicadacon (2)
Beast Wars Deluxe Mutant Soundwave missing both front legs
Beast Wars Fuzors Air hammer missing arm left & right
Beast Wars Fuzors Quickstrike (2) complete
Beast Wars Fuzors Bantor front half only
Beast Wars Fuzors Silverbolt missing missile (2), right front arm
Beast Wars Fuzors Silverbolt missing missile (2), right & left front arm
Beast Wars Fuzors Sky Shadow complete
Beast Wars Fuzors Sky Shadow missing missile, rear wing attachment arm
Beast Wars Fuzors Sky Shadow parts bot
Beast Wars Transmetals Megatron (2) parts bot
Beast Wars Transmetals Optimus Primal complete
Beast Wars Transmetals Optimus Primal missing missile (1)
Beast Wars Transmetals Optimus Primal
no accessories
Beast Wars Transmetals Optimus Primal
no accessories (missing leg armour, inside left arm armour)
Beast Wars Transmetals Optimal Optimus (3) missing missiles, rifle, armour
Beast Wars Transmetals Rampage missing rifle
Beast Wars Transmetals Rampage no accessories
Beast Wars Transmetals Rampage no accessories (missing 2 leg ends)
Beast Wars Transmetals Rat Trap missing tail
Beast Wars Transmetals Cheetor missing tail
Beast Wars Transmetals Cheetor missing tail (missing left side of head)
Beast Wars Transmetals Cheetor parts bot
Beast Wars Transmetals Air Raizor (3) complete
Beast Wars
Transmetals Air Raizor (4)
parts bot
Beast Wars Transmetals Tarantulas (2) missing saw blade
Beast Wars Transmetals Tarantulas missing saw blade, missing leg (4)
Beast Wars Transmetals Tarantulas (2) parts bot
Beast Wars Transmetals Terrorsaur missing left chrome back piece
Beast Wars Transmetals
Scavenger missing leg (1 full, 1 mid & end piece, 1 end piece), rear abdomen cover (L&R)
Beast Wars Transmetals Waspinator stinger missile, right small wing, rear leg end (2), left large wing (broken)
Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Megatron missing missile (3), has broken right foot mount
Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Cheetor missing spine gun, missile
Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Cheetor missing spine gun, missile, left leg cover
Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Dinobot complete

Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Scarem complete
Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Sonar missing back legs
Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Tigerhawk has launcher (2)
Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Tigerhawk no accessories
Beast Machines Mega Class Cheetor no tail
Beast Machines Ultra Class Jetstorm missing accessories (paint flaking)
Beast Machines Mega Class Cheetor (2) missing tail
Animorphs Jake Grizzly Bear no accessories
Animorphs Marco Gorilla no accessories
Animorphs Rachel Lion no accessories
Animorphs Visser Three no missile
Animorphs Ax/Scorpion (2) no accessories (missing some legs)
RID Megatron missing launcher (2), 1 waist attachment
RID Megatron no accessories (missing 1 ear part and 2 waist attachments)
RID Megatron (2) no accessories (missing 1 ear part, 2 feet and 2 waist attachments)
RID X-Brawn no accessories (missing both doors, 1 tire and moon roof cover)
Armada Unicron has missile (3), clear waist plate but no other accessories
Armada Unicron no accessories (has broken right shoulder horn)
Armada Optimus Prime w. Sparkplug cab
Armada Hoist no accessories
Armada Hoist no accessories (missing scoop arm)
Armada Sideways has rook mini-con
Energon Scorponok missing missile (2), visor, left rear thruster (jet mode)
Cybertron Crumplezone missing missile (2), key
Cybertron Hot Shot missing launcher, missile, key
Cybertron Optimus Prime has Matrix

Cybertron Optimus Prime & Wing Sabre (CostCo Exclusive) no weapons, missing Wing Sabre's both underside wing extension assemblies, 1 engine cover  (I believe this version came with no weapons/accessories)
Cybertron Dirt Boss (2) no accessories
Cybertron Hot Shot no accessories (broken driver saide hood piece)
Classics Grimlock no accessories (missing 1 arm)
Movie Dreadwing parts bot

Parts & Accessories:
Hot Rod rifle
Sunstreaker missile
Sideswipe rifle, launcher, missile (3)
Bluestreak left missile launcher
Red Alert launcher, missile (2)
Optimus Prime silver rocket (2), blaster rifle, blue Roller (2)
Ironhide missile
Mirage rifle, missile (3)
Overdrive complete 3 weapons set attached to tree
Downshift rear door
Sludge rifle (2), sword
Swoop sword
Rumble/Frenzy silver gun (2)
Blitzwing electron scimitar
Trailbreaker missile (2), twin missile (2)
Bruticus grey feet (L&R)
Galvatron rifle
Ultra Magnus small connector (2), rifle (3), launcher, small fist (L&R), head, blue chest shield (2), missile
Thundercracker wings (2), rear wings (2), fists (2), launcher (3), large missile (2), small missile (1), front wheel

Thrust right fist
Bonecrusher pistol, missile
Hook black pistol (2)
Scavenger forearm/launcher
Insecticon Kickback rifle (3)
Insecticon Shrapnel rifle
Insecticon Venom rifle, axe
Razorclaw sword
Tantrum sword, rifle, Predaking foot
Rodimus Prime rifle, blast shield
Runabout rifle (has some damage to tip)
Runamuck rifle
Skydive hand gun
Omega Supreme foot, rocket arm, backpack, armour half A B C D, Ankle E F G H, Track I (2) J K L M, medium yellow clip (3), tank black track

Ratbat silver missile (2)

Trypticon single barrel blaster, small blaster stand, single disc scanner
Metroplex Slammer tank turret, Scamper right arm
Powermaster Optimus Prime black laser rifle (2), gret laser rifle
Scorponok rifle
Snapdragon Krunk Headmaster (right arm broken off & missing), passenger side rear fin
Piranacon head
Piranacon Skalor gun
Technobot Afterburner pulse canon, handgun
Technobot Lightspeed missile launcher
Protectobot Groove left twin vaporator
Hun-Grr rifle
Fastlane rifle (3)
Repugnus rifle
Overkill weapon (2 sets)
Apeface shield
Chromedome rifle
Siren Headmaster right pistol
Waverider rifle
Countdown white claw arm, small double laser
Flat-Top laser cannon (2)
Roughstuff missile
Greasepit/Airwave ramp*
Rad Lionizer*
Action Master Over-Run attack chopper rotor*
Action Master Starscream laser cannon*
Action Master Skyfall gun*
Action Masters Helicopter with Overrun laser canon*
G2 Dreadwing missile
G2 Longhaul pistol, waistplate, tech spec
G2 Scavenger fist, launcher, drill, tech spec
G2 Bonecrusher pistol, drill, tech spec
G2 Hook head gun, tech spec
G2 Lasercycles Roadpig hand & weapon
Knockoff Devestator black fist (2), launcher (2), waist plate

Brawl unused sticker sheet
Clone Pounce
tech spec

Armada Adventure Team Iceberg*
Armada Hoist
Refute Minicon*
RID Crosswise & WARS WARS's gun*


Vintage Figures:
Action Force Baron Ironblood no accessories
Action Force Commander (mail away)
Action Force Muton has face lens attachment
Action Force Red Shadow no accessories
Action Force SAS Squad Leader no accessories
Action Force Space Sequrity Trooper no accessories
Action Force Q Force Aqua Trooper missing fins
AD&D Deeth no accessories
AD&D Elkhorn complete
Ringlerun (2)
no accessories
AD&D Ringlerun missing staff
AD&D Zorgar
no accessories
AD&D Northlord missing sword
AD&D Ogre King no accessories
AD&D Strongheart complete
AD&D Strongheart missing cape
AD&D Warduke has shield
AD&D Young Male Titan has helmet, shield
AD&D Hook Horror (2) complete
AD&D Nightmare complete
AD&D Nightmare missing head harness & bridle (front saddle strap broken)
AD&D PVC Minotaur complete with crown treasure
AD&D PVC Elves of the Woodland figure
AD&D PVC Steadfast Men-at-Arms figure
AD&D PVC Fire Elemental missing crystal ball
AD&D PVC Umber Hulk missing treasure (no fangs)
AD&D Bendy Deadly Grell complete
AD&D Bendy Hydra complete

A-Team 3 3/4" Face has rifle
A-Team 3 3/4" Face has pack, rifle
A-Team 3 3/4" Murdock missing mortar & stand
A-Team 3 3/4" Python has M-16
A-Team 3 3/4" Rattler missing mortar & stand
A-Team 3 3/4" Viper missing backpack
A-Team 6" BA Barracus has rifle, bolt cutters, drill, screwdriver, hacksaw, drill bits, sockets
A-Team 6" Cobra has backpack, rifle, belt
A-Team 6" Face has backpack, rifle, belt
A-Team 6" Face no accessories
A-Team 6" Hannibal has backpack, rifle
A-Team 6" Hannibal
no accessories
A-Team 6" Murdoch (2)
has backpack, belt, rifle
A-Team 6" Murdoch has backpack
A-Team 6" Rattler has backpack, belt, rifle
A-Team 6" Viper has backpack, rifle
AWA All Star Wrestlers Baron Von Rasche has robe
AWA All Star Wrestlers Rick Martel missing shirt
AWA All Star Wrestlers Ric Flair
missing robe
AWA All Star Wrestlers Rick Martel
missing shirt
AWA All Star Wrestlers Jimmy Garvin flabby
no accessories
AWA All Star Wrestlers Stan Lane
no accessories
AWA All Star Wrestlers Steve Regal
missing vest
AWA All Star Wrestlers Scott Irwin
no accessories
AWA All Star Wrestlers Bill Irwin
no accessories
Bad Guys Shark (2)
no accessories
Bad Guys Grizzly
no accessories
Bad Guys Scorpion
no accessories
Bad Guys Shark
no accessories
Bad Guys Snake
no accessories
Battle Beasts Bighorn Sheep
no weapon
Battle Beasts Blitzkrieg Bat
no weapon
Battle Beasts Sir Sire Horse (2)
no weapon
Battle Beasts Powerhouse Mouse
no weapon
Battlestar Galactica Adama (2)
no accessories
Battlestar Galactica Starbuck
no accessories
Battlestar Galactica Starbuck
missing pistol
Battlestar Galactica Cylon Centurion
no accessories
Battlestar Galactica Imperious Leader
no cape
Battlestar Galactica Imperious Leader
Beetlejuice Spinhead Beetlejuice
no accessories
Beetlejuice Harry the Haunted Hunter
no accessories

Biker Mice From Mars Charley no accessories

Biker Mice From Mars Freedom Fighters Rad Rebel Vinnie complete
Biker Mice From Mars Freedom Fighters Commando Modo complete
Biker Mice From Mars Throttle
missing helmet
Biker Mice From Mars Throttle (4) no accessories
Biker Mice From Mars Modo has helmet, rifle
Biker Mice From Mars Modo (2) no accessories
Biker Mice From Mars Bendy Modo 
Biker Mice From Mars Vinnie (2) no accessories
Biker Mice From Mars Vinnie missing right leg, no accessories
Biker Mice From Mars Lawrence Limburger no accessories
Biker Mice From Mars Lectromag no accessories
Biker Mice From Mars Greasepit no accessories
Bionic 6 Chopper (2)
no accessories
Bionic 6 Glove (3) no accessories
Bionic 6 Mechanic complete
Bionic 6 Madame-O complete
Bionic 6 Madame-O (2) no accessories
Bionic 6 Eric no accessories

Black Hole Dr Reinhardt complete (1 broken thumb)
Blackstar John Blackstar LL
missing sword
Blackstar Gargo LL
Blackstar Kadray
complete (bazooka handle broken, missing yellow chest missile attachment)
Blackstar Meuton
missing handcuffs
Blackstar Neptul
missing cape
Blackstar Overlord Laser Light
no accessories
Blackstar Overlord
Blackstar Overlord (3)
no accessories
Blackstar Palace Guard (2) complete
Blackstar Palace Guard (2) no accessories
Blackstar White Knight
no accessories
Blackstar Vizir
Blackstar Poulo
Blackstar Balkar
Blackstar Carpo
Blackstar Series 1 Green Demon
Blackstar Series 1 Blue Demon
Blackstar Series 2 Yellow & Green Demon (2)
Blackstar Series 2 White & Green Demon (2)
Blackstar Triton
missing figure clip & saddle straps
Bravestarr Deputy Fuzz has 3 tools
Marshall Bravestarr (2) missing kerium nugget (2)
Bravestarr Marshall Bravestarr (2)
no accessories
Bravestarr Tex Hex missing 2 kerium nuggets, knife (1)
Bravestarr Tex Hex has rifle
Bravestarr Tex Hex (2) no accessories
Bravestarr Sandstorm has blaster weapon
Bravestarr Sandstorm
no accessories
Bravestarr Good Laserfire Backpack missing battery cover
Bravestarr Evil Laserfire Backpack missing battery cover
Bronze Bombers Wayne Golden Alexander
no accessories
Buck Rogers Draco
missing cape
Bucky O'Hare Al Negator
Bucky O'Hare Al Negator
no rifle
Bucky O'Hare Blinky
no accessories
Bucky O'Hare Bucky O'Hare (5)
no gun
Bucky O'Hare Bruiser the Berserker Baboon (3)
Bucky O'Hare Commander Dogstar
Bucky O'Hare Commander Dogstar
no accessories
Bucky O'Hare Deadeye Duck
Bucky O'Hare Deadeye Duck (7)
no guns
Bucky O'Hare Storm Toad Trooper (2)
no accessories
Bucky O'Hare Toadborg
no accessories
Bucky O'Hare Toad Air Marshall
has cap
Bucky O'Hare Toad Air Marshall (7)
no accessories
Bucky O'Hare Willy Du Witt (3) has pistol
Captain Planet Captain Planet V1
no accessories 
Captain Planet Captain Planet Color Change
no accessories 
Captain Planet Gi
no accessories 
Captain Planet Hoggish Greedly complete
Captain Planet Hoggish Greedly no accessories
Captain Planet Kwame
no accessories 
Captain Planet Linka
no accessories 
Captain Planet Ma-Ti
no accessories  
Captain Planet Verminous Skumm
no accessories 
Captain Power Hawk Masterson (2) no accessories
Captain Power Lord Dread has weapon
Captain Power Tank Ellis (2)
has rifle, missing mouthpiece
Captain Power Captain Power (6)
no gun
Captain Power Captain Power (2) complete
Captain Power
Power Jet XT-7 battery cover, wing laser (2)
Centurions Ace McLeod Sky Knight has blue missile, red missile (2)
Centurions Max Ray Cruiser has launcher, 2 yellow boosters (clips on them are broken)
Centurions Max Ray Cruiser has 1 yellow booster (has broken clip)

Centurions Hacker missing helmet, arm cannons
CHIPS 3 3/4" Wheels Willy complete
CHIPS 3 3/4" Ponch complete (missing crotch piece)
Chuck Norris Karate Komandos Reed Smith
no accessories
Chuck Norris Karate Komandos Tabe
has disc weapon
Clash of the Titans Perseus (3)
no accessories
Clash of the Titans Calibos no accessories (missing tail)
omic Action Heroes Penguin no accessories
omic Action Heroes Joker no accessories
omic Action Heroes Green Goblin no accessories
omic Action Heroes Green Goblin complete
omic Action Heroes Captain America has stand, missing shield
omic Action Heroes Shazam complete
Convertors Crawler complete
Morpheus missing gun 
COPS Airwave no accessories

COPS Airwave missing phone, red wheel, red pull cord
COPS APES no accessories
COPS APES missing helmet
COPS Barricade no accessories
COPS Barricade has cruncher weapon
Barricade missing pull-rope
COPS Bezerko missing rifle (2)
COPS Big Boss
missing weasel
COPS Big Boss complete
COPS Bowser & Blitz figure only
Bowser & Blitz complete (Blitz missing lower jaw)
COPS Bowser & Blitz complete
COPS Bullet Proof complete
COPS Bullit (2) no accessories
Bullit (2) missing rifle, pistol (2), helmet scope, cannon blast shield
Buttons McBoom Boom has gun & case
COPS Buttons McBoom Boom*** need chest gun, chest plate
COPS Checkpoint complete
COPS Doctor Bad Vibes complete (gun is missing metal pin)
COPS Hardtop complete
COPS Highway
missing dart
COPS Hyena missing pistol, knife (broken crotch and vest material torn off figure)
COPS Hyena complete
COPS Longarm complete
COPS Nightmare missing, sword end, drill end, whip, hoses (2)
COPS Nightmare complete
COPS Nightstick complete
Rock Krusher
no accessories
COPS Rock Krusher complete
Sgt Mace no accessories (broken crotch)
Sgt Mace no accessories

COPS Sgt. Mace orange rifle chewed, missing right hand
COPS Sundown missing bola, pistol (1)
Taser (2) no accessories

COPS Taser missing cap, shotgun

COPS Turbo TuTone (2) no accessories
COPS Turbo TuTone complete

COPS Inferno*** need black hose
COPS Powderkeg*** need armoured vest, foot armour (2), grenade, dynamite, head
COPS Jailbird Air Speeder complete
COPS Dragster complete
Crystar Crystar (2) no accessories
Crystar Feldspar no accessories
Crystar Zardeth complete
Crystar Zardeth no accessories
Crystar Crystal Dragon Rider (2) no accessories
DC Superheroes Aquaman no accessories
DC Superheroes Batman Movie figure has gun
DC Superheroes Bob the Goon has hat
DC Superheroes Penguin has umbrella top & handle
DC Superheroes Riddler (3) no accessory
DC Superheroes Robin (2) no cape
Defenders of the Earth Flash Gordon no accessories
The Osmonds Donny Osmond Doll missing sock (2), shoe (1), microphone
Double Dragon
Billy Lee missing red sword
Double Dragon Vortex missing mask, blade (2)
Dune Sardaukar Warrior no accessories
Dragonriders of the Styx Dragon Man has sword
Dragonriders of the Styx Guliz the Ogre missing whip
Dragonriders of the Styx Wizard missing wand
Dukes of Hazzard Bo Duke complete
Dukes of Hazzard Boss Hogg (2) missing hat
Exo Squad Alec DeLeon in Field Communications E-Frame (2) no figure or accessories
Exo Squad Wolf Bronski in Ground Assault E-Frame
has missile (4), antennae, yellow shoulder attachment. missing other accessories, figure & weapons
Exo Squad Wolf Bronski in Ground Assault E-Frame
has antennae
Galaxy Warriors Baltard no accessories
Galaxy Warriors Magnon has sword
Galaxy Warriors Diecast 3 3/4" Lava Monster missing sword

Gargoyles Battle Goliath complete
Gargoyles Battle Goliath missing gold spear
Gargoyles Battle Goliath (2) missing armour, wings, tail, mace, spear
Gargoyles Broadway complete
Gargoyles Broadway missing left wing, axe, mace
Gargoyles Broadway missing wings, axe, mace
Gargoyles Flamestorm Goliath missing wings, weapons
Gargoyles Goliath (not sure which version) missing sword
Hard Wired Broadway complete
Gargoyles Hard Wired Goliath missing wings, tail, attack gauntlet
Hard Wired Goliath no accessories
Gargoyles Hudson missing right wing, weapons

Gargoyles Icestorm Brooklyn no accessories
Gargoyles Quickstrike Goliath (2) missing axe
Gargoyles Quickstrike Goliath missing left wing, axe
Gargoyles Zanatos has wings
Gargoyles Zanatos no accessories
Ghostbusters Peter Venkman (6) no accessories
Ghostbusters Peter Screaming Heroes missing only proton weapon
Ghostbusters Peter Super Fright Features no accessories
Ghostbusters Ray Stanz has Wrapper Ghost
Ghostbusters Ray Screaming Heroes has ghost
Ghostbusters Ray Screaming Heroes no accessories
Ghostbusters Egon Spengler (5) no accessories
Ghostbusters Egon Spengler Fright Features (2) complete (broken tie)
Ghostbusters Egon Spengler Screaming Heroes has ghost
Ghostbusters Egon Spengler Screaming Heroes (3) no accessories
Ghostbusters Egon Spengler Powerpack Heroes no accessories
Ghostbusters Egon Spengler Powerpack Heroes missing only Twister ghost
Ghostbusters Air Sickness missing top wing
Ghostbusters Mini Shooters Boo-Zooka (2)
Ghostbusters Mini Traps (4) complete set
Ghostbusters Mini Traps purple ghost
Ghostbusters Dracula Monster (2) missing cape
Ghostbusters Frankenstein Monster (2) complete
Ghostbusters Werewolf Monster (2) complete
Ghostbusters Granny Gross complete
Ghostbusters Ghost Cop complete
Ghostbusters Mummy (2) complete
Ghostbusters Quasimodo complete
Ghostbusters Tombstone Tackle complete
Ghostbusters Zombie complete
Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ
missing firepole, door (2), sign, containment unit, trap
Gobots Crane Brain missing crane
Gobots Crasher missing windshield
Gobots Dive Dive (3)
Gobots Rest-Q (knockoff)
Gobots Spoons (2) (knockoff)
Gobots Super Gobot Psycho no canopy or figures
Gobots Super Couper mirrors broken off
Gobots Spay-C complete
Gobots Turbo complete
Gobots Water Walk (knockoff)
Gobots Zod missing weapon
Super Gobots Staks missing 1 silver stack rifle
Golden Girl Rubee no accessories
Infaceables Iron Lion complete (face rubber melted)
Infaceables Sphinx (2) no accessories (missing rubber face)
Indiana Jones Toht missing pistol
Inhumanoids Auger missing helmet
Inhumanoids Herc Armstrong missing helmet
Inhumanoids Herc Armstrong missing helmet, grappling hook
JLU Batman 1 V9
JLU Batman 2 V7
JLU Martian Manhunter 2 V2 (2)
JLU Wonder Woman V1
JLU Wonder Woman 2 V6
JLU Superman V1
JLU Justice Lords Flash
JLU Green Arrow
JLU Aquaman w. cape
JLU Vigilante
JLU Shining Knight
JLU Zatanna
JLU Hawk
JLU Rocket Red
JLU Sinestro V1
JLU Brainiac
JLU The Flash, Hawkgirl & Wave Rider loose 3 pack figure set 
Karate Kid Miyagi has robe
Karate Kid Sato has robe & 1 chain part
King Arthur Knights Justice Warlord Viper missing sword
Legends of the Lone Ranger Lone Ranger (2) no guns
Legends of the Lone Ranger Buffalo Bill Cody complete
Legends of the Lone Ranger Butch Cavendish no gun
Legends of the Lone Ranger General George Custer (2) no pistol
Lord of the Rings ROTK Eomer in Ceremonial Armour missing sword
Lord of the Rings ROTK Eowyn in Ceremonial Armour missing sword, spear helmet
Lord of the Rings ROTK Gothmog no accessories (broken off finger)
Lord of the Rings TTT Legolas in Rohan Armour missing 1 sword
Lord of the Rings TTT Gimli with Axe Throwing Action missing cloak, helmet
Lord of the Rings FOTR Aragorn Arrow Launching Action missing knapsack, bed roll, bow, quiver, sword
Lord of the Rings FOTR Boromir Super Poseable (re-release) missing sword, horn, dagger
Lord of the Rings FOTR Frodo with Sword Attack Action missing sword
Lord of the Rings FOTR Gandalf with light up staff missing hat
Lost World of the Warlord Deimos missing cape, belt
Lost World of the Warlord Warlord missing sword, helmet wing (1)
Lost World of the Warlord Warlord no accessories
Lost World of the Warlord Warteam Black Horse has reigns & bridle
Lost World of the Warlord Warteam White Horse has reigns & bridle (missing one eye)
Micronauts Space Glider Blue (2) missing helmet, glider pack
Micronauts Time Traveller Clear missing back peg
Micronauts Time Traveller Yellow missing foot (1), chest plate, back peg

Military One Army complete (has marker marked on eyes)
Military One Terrorist complete

Mork & Mindy 3 3/4" Mork figure
Mork & Mindy 9" Mork has 1 shoe only
Mummies Alive Hunter Jackal missing helmet, left glove, back snap on piece
Ninja Assassins Pincer no accessories (one hand has fingers broken)
Ninja Assassins Reaper has cape & hood
Ninja Defenders Mentor has cape
Ninja Defenders Mentor no accessories
Ninja Defenders Tyro no accessories (one hand has fingers broken)
Ninja Defenders Rotund San no accessories
Ninja Defenders Wipeout no accessories
Ninja Defenders Wipeout no accessories (one hand has fingers broken)
Other World Mog
Other World Ronin (7) no accessories
Other World Raidy (2) no accessories
Other World Hondu (2) no accessories
Other World Hondu (2) missing mace, spear
Other World Zendo missing axe, thick spear
Other World Kreena no accessories
Other World Genral Ess Gee missing helmet, shield, weapon (2)
Other World Skitzo has Mogg & Jipp
Other World Lava Man missing 2 rocks
Other World Weapons Master missing weapon rack, small shield, sword (1), axe
Other World Gaifand has saddle
Other World Kamaro has saddle
Other World Sharkoss has saddle (missing rear wheel)
Other World Sharkoss has saddle
Pirates of Dark Water Bloth no accessories
Pirates of Dark Water Konk no accessories
Pirates of Dark Water Loz no accessories
Pirates of Dark Water Mantus complete
Pirates of Dark Water Mantus no accessories
Pirates of Dark Water Ren (2) no accessories
Pirates of Dark Water Zoolie no accessories
Pirates of
the Galaxseas Tattoo no accessories
Police Academy Hightower no tricycle
Power Lords Ggripptogg no accessories
Power Lords Shaya has weapon, belt
Rambo Black Dragon missing crossbow arrow, knife strap, throwing star
Rambo Colonel Trautman (2) has M-16, silver machine gun, green backpack & 2 straps
Rambo Nomad missing knife (2), pistol, belt, knife strap
Rambo Rambo
missing rocket launcher missile
Rambo Firepower Rambo
missing grenade (1), backpack arm that attaches to launcher
Rambo Sgt. Havoc
missing launcher, pistol, machette
Rambo Sgt. Havoc
has binoculars, M-16
Rambo Sgt. Havoc
has binoculars
Rambo White Dragon
has knife, sword attachment
Rambo White Dragon
has knife, hook weapon, throwing star harness
Rambo Gripper has uzi (6), belt, machette, backpack strap (1)
Rambo Whip Action Warhawk no weapons
Rambo Whip Action Warhawk has bola, pistol
Rambo 50 Caliber Machine Gun missing handle, ammo box, ammo strap
Robocop Robocop no accessories
Robocop Headhunter has gold weapon
Robocop Wheels Wilson no accessories
force Hun-Dred missing 1 weapon
force Sota missing radar dish (1 arm strap broken)
Robotech Breetai (2) complete
Robotech Rand no weapon (has 1 accessory no accessories
Robotech Roy Fokker has
Robotech Scott Bernard no accessories (has arms from another figure)
Robotech Zor Prime with weapon
Robotech Bioroid Invid Fighter complete
Robotech Bioroid Invid Fighter missing gun
Rocklords Boulder (3) missing rifle
Rocklords Granite (4) complete
Rocklords Granite (3) missing rifle
Rocklords Magmar missing weapon
Rocklords Sticks n Stones complete
Rocklords Tombstone missing weapon
Rocklords Narlie Narlihog complete
Rocklords Spike Stone complete
Rocklords Terra-Roc complete
Rocklords Stonewing complete (has broken driver side chrome exhaust piece)
Rocky Clubber Lang has shorts
Schwarzenegger Commando Stalker has crossbow attachment
Sgt Rock Commando no accessories
Sgt Rock Green Beret no accessories
Sgt Rock Gyrene no accessories
Sgt Rock Sargeant Rock no accessories
Secret Wars Magneto complete with 1 hologram
Secret Wars Kang complete with 1 hologram
Secret Wars Dr Doom has shield, pistol & rifle
Sectaurs Bitaur complete
Sectaurs Dargon (missing backpack)
Sectaurs Dargon Night Fighting & Parafly (missing wings) with visor, knife, gun
Sectaurs General Spidrax missing net only
Sectaurs General Spidrax missing net and whip
Sectaurs General Spidrax no accessories
Sectaurs Mantor has crossbow, shield
Sectaurs Mantor has harness, crossbow, shield
Sectaurs Pinsor has axe, pistol, shield, sword
Sectaurs Skito no accessories
Sectaurs Skito complete
Sectaurs Waspax (3) complete
Sectaurs Waspax & Wingid complete - Wingid is missing wings
Sectaurs Waspax has harness, pistol, shield
Sectaurs Zak & Bitaur complete
Sectaurs Zak & Bitaur missing pistol
Sectaurs Zak no accessories
Shogun Warriors 3” Combattra complete
Shogun Warriors 3” Great Mazinga (1 broken off horn)
Shogun Warriors 3” Grandizer complete
Shogun Warriors 5 Dragun missing axe (1), fist
Shogun Warriors 5 Raider missing missile (4)
Silverhawks Bluegrass no accessories
Silverhawks Buzzsaw complete
Silverhawks Molecular no accessories
Silverhawks MonStar no Skyshadow
Silverhawks MonStar no Skyshadow (missing front & back plate)
Silverhawks Mumbo Jumbo has Airshock (missing horns)
Silverhawks Mumbo Jumbo (missing horns)
Silverhawks Stargazer complete

Mite Zeus has mace (one leg broken off)
Starcom Captain Mace no visor
Starroid Raiders (Tomland) Yugon no weapons (figure has large melt mark)
Star Trek The Motion Picture 3 3/4" Spock
Star Trek The Motion Picture 3 3/4" Scotty
Star Trek The Motion Picture 3 3/4" Illia
Star Trek The Next Generation Riker (2)missing tricorder
Star Trek The Next Generation Worf (3) missing tricorder
Star Trek The Next Generation La Forge missing tricorder
Starriors Hotshot missing head
Starriors Slaughter Steelgrave missing laser arm
Steel Monsters Wheel Boss
Street Fighter Ken Masters no accessories
Street Fighter 2 Balrog no accessories
Street Fighter 2 Blanka no accessories
Street Fighter 2 Ryu no accessories

Super Naturals Burnheart has gun, shield, visor
Super Naturals Eagle Eye no accessories
Super Naturals Eagle Eye missing headdress
Super Naturals Thunderbolt missing helmet
Super Naturals Lionheart complete
Super Naturals Snakebite complete
Super Naturals Skull has chest piece, mace
Super Powers Batman (3) missing cape
Super Powers Cylotron (2)
no face plate
Super Powers Darkseid (4) no cape
Super Powers Desaad complete
Super Powers Dr Fate (2) missing cape
Super Powers Firestorm (5) complete
Super Powers Flash
Super Powers Golden Pharoah
missing staff
Super Powers Hawkman (2) no accessories
Super Powers Hawkman complete
Super Powers Joker complete
Super Powers Mantis complete
Super Powers Martian Manhunter (4)
missing cape
Super Powers Mr Freeze
no helmet
Super Powers Orion complete
Super Powers Penguin missing umbrella handle, coat-tails
Super Powers Plasticman complete
Super Powers Robin (2) complete
Super Powers Robin (3) missing cape
Super Powers Red Tornado (3)
Super Powers Red Tornado (2)
missing cape
Super Powers Samurai
no accessories
Super Powers Shazam
no cape
Super Powers Steppenwolf
Super Powers Superman (5)
no cape
Super Powers Wonder Woman
(5) no lasso
Swamp Thing Bioglow Swamp Thing
has axe
Swamp Thing Bioglow Swamp Thing (2)
no weapons
Swamp Thing Snare Arm Swamp Thing (2)
no trap
Thundercats Liono
mini PVC complete with sword
Thundercats Wileykat
Thundercats Bezerkers Topspinner
Thundercats Captain Cracker
missing sword
Thundercats Grune
Thundercats Grune
no accessories
Thundercats Hachiman (3)
Thundercats Hachiman (2)
missing sword
Thundercats Hachiman (3)
Thundercats Jackalman (5)
no accessories
Thundercats Lion-O
no weapons (action feature broken)
Thundercats Lynx-O
no shield
Thundercats Mongor
missing weapon (action feature lever missing)
Thundercats Monkian
complete (missing ball & chain off morningstar)
Thundercats Mumm-Ra Mummy
no staff
Thundercats Mumm-Ra
complete with Ma-Mutt PVC
Thundercats Mumm-Ra (3)
has dagger,
Thundercats Mumm-Ra (3)
no accessories
Thundercats Rataro
missing 1 black dagger
Thundercats Rataro (3)
missing daggers
Thundercats Ratar-O (2)
no accessories
Thundercats Ratar-O no accessories or tail
Thundercats Safari Joe (2)
no rifle
Thundercats Snowman
missing shield, spear
Thundercats Snowman
no accessories
Thundercats Tuska Warrior (7)
missing rifle
Thundercats Vulture Man
Thundercats Vulture Man (3)
missing weapon
Thundercats Nosediver
missing 1 tire tread
Thundercats Nosediver
Thundercats Skycutter
Thundercats Thunderclaw (2)
missing handlebars & claw grips
igersharks Lorca no accessories or chest & back plates
igersharks Mako no weapon
TMNT 1988 Donatello
missing staff (1), star (1), weapons rack
TMNT 1988 Donatello
has kama, large dagger
TMNT 1988 Krang (2)
missing canopy
TMNT 1988 Rapheal (2)
has belt, kama, large dagger, small dagger
TMNT 1988 Rocksteady
TMNT 1988 Rocksteady has rifle, shield, knife
TMNT 1988 Splinter has belt, bow, cane sheath & sword
TMNT 1988 Splinter (4) no accessories
TMNT 1988 Shredder has kama, large dagger, belt (missing armour on left forearm)
TMNT 1988 Shredder no accessories
TMNT 1989 Ace Duck (2) has belt
TMNT 1989 Ace Duck has belt, wings
TMNT 1989 Ace Duck complete
TMNT 1989 Baxter Stockman missing wings (wing tabs broken on shoulder arms)
TMNT 1989 Baxter Stockman (2) no accessories
TMNT 1989 Breakfightin Raphael has anti-foot stars
TMNT 1989 Casey Jones complete
TMNT 1989 General Tragg (2) complete
TMNT 1989 Genghis Frog has board, rifle
TMNT 1989 Genghis Frog (2) has belt, boogie board, rifle
TMNT 1989 Metalhead
missing robo-chucks
TMNT 1989 Rat King
missing belt, rat (1)
TMNT 1989 Usagi Yojimbo missing dagger, weapons rack
TMNT 1990 Don Undercover Turtle
missing pizza slice
TMNT 1990 Don Undercover Turtle
has briefcase
TMNT 1990 Don Undercover Turtle no accessories
TMNT 1990 Don the Storage Shell Turtle has knife, axe
TMNT 1990 Fugatoid complete
TMNT 1990 Mondo Gecko missing skateboard
TMNT 1990 Panda Kahn has blaster (2), hook
TMNT 1990 Scumbug missing bug (4)
TMNT 1990 Scumbug has short hose, pistol
TMNT 1990 Sewer Samurai Leonardo
TMNT 1990 Sewer Samurai Leonardo
missing, belt
TMNT 1990 Space Cadet Raph (2)
missing helmet
TMNT 1991 Headdropin Don
no accessories
TMNT 1991 Skate Boardin Mike
no accessories
TMNT 1991 Slapshot Leonardo
has hockey stick
TMNT 1991 Slapshot Leonardo
no accessories
TMNT 1991 Super Shredder (2)
no accessories
TMNT 1991 Talkin Don
no accessories
TMNT 1991 Tokka missing staff, dagger
TMNT 1991 Tokka has knife, mace
TMNT 1991 Walkabout (2)
TMNT 1991 Walkabout
missing boomerang
TMNT 1992 Delta Team Don
no accessories*
TMNT 1992 Hothead (2)
no accessories
TMNT 1992 Monty Moose
no accessories (tip of 1 horn broken off)
TMNT 1992 Mutatin' Rapheal
has forked sai*
TMNT 1992 Mutatin' Leo
has sword, short sword, ooze cannister*
TMNT 1992 Mutatin' Don
has staff*
TMNT 1992 Mutatin' Mike
has nunchuckus, ooze cannister*
TMNT 1992 Mutatin' Mike (2)
no accessories
TMNT 1994 Shell Splittin' Raphael
no accessories*
Tomland Space Raiders Zbu no weapons (has sticker)
Tomland Space Raiders Papi no weapons (cracked neck, no sticker)
Tomland Starroid Raiders Aton no weapons (cracked neck, has sticker)
Tomland Starroid Raiders Newt no weapons (cracked neck, has sticker)
Tomland Starroid Raiders Toco no weapons (has sticker, marker line on 1 leg)
Tomland Starroid Raiders Yugon no weapons (cracked neck, has sticker)
Tomland Starroid Raiders Wag no weapons (cracked neck, no sticker)
Tomland Starroid Raiders Zbu no weapons (cracked neck, has sticker)
Toxic Crusaders Bonehead
has rifle, bazooka
Toxic Crusaders Dr Killemoff
has backpack & hose, rifle
Toxic Crusaders Headbanger
no accessories
Toxic Crusaders Junkyard
has rifle
Toxic Crusaders Major Disaster
has rifle, backpack with strap and antenna
Toxic Crusaders Major Disaster
no accessories
Toxic Crusaders Psycho
Toxic Crusaders Radiation Ranger
has backpack, shield
Toxic Crusaders Toxie
has belt, mop, shield
Toxic Crusaders Toxie
no accessories
ron Warrior (2) no staff
ron Sark (2) no disc
US Forces Airman John missing chest accessory
US Forces Combat King missing chest accessory
US Forces Brushfire missing chest ammo straps
US Forces Forst Trooper no accessories
US Forces Martial Master missing hook & string
US Forces Protector complete with sticker
US Forces Protector missing chest knife attachment

Visionaries Cravex
no accessories
Visionaries Cravex has helmet
Visionaries Cravex
missing staff
Visionaries Ectar
no accessories
Visionaries Lexor
has helmet
Visionaries Mordred no accessories
Visionaries Witterquick no accessories
Visionaries Witterquick has boomerang (a few chew marks)
Voltron Hunk no accessories
Voltron Keith has helmet missing shield
Voltron Lance complete
Voltron Lance has helmet missing shield
Voltron Pidge has helmet missing shield
Voltron Princess Allura no accessories
Voltron Robeast Mutilor complete
Voltron Robeast Scorpius missing mace
Voltron Skull Commander (2) missing shield
Voice Squad Eagle One no accessories
Voltron Red Lion (motorized LJN)
Voltron Black Lion (fits 3 3/4" figures)
no accessories
Voltron Doom Commander (2) missing shield
Warrior Beasts Fire Dragon missing half his toes
Wizard of Oz 1989 3 3/4" Cowardly Lion missing tail
Wizard of Oz 1989 3 3/4" Scarecrow complete
Wizard of Oz 1989 3 3/4" Tinman complete
Wizard of Oz 1989 3 3/4" Wicked Witch missing broom
World Wrestler Blueberry missing belt
Galoob Rick Steiner
WCW Galoob Scott Steiner 
Galoob Sting
WWF Hasbro Andre the Giant
WWF Hasbro Akeem
WWF Hasbro Dusty Rhodes

WWF Hasbro Big Boss Man V1 (2) no nightstick
WWF Hasbro Brutus Beefcake V1 complete with shears
WWF Hasbro Hacksaw Jim Duggan complete with board
WWF Hasbro Hacksaw Jim Duggan no board
WWF Hasbro Hulk Hogan V1
WWF Hasbro Hulk Hogan V2
WWF Hasbro Rick Rude (2)
WWF Hasbro
Roddy Piper (2)
WWF Hasbro Demolition - Axe
WWF Hasbro Demolition - Smash (2)
WWF Hasbro Superfly Jimmy Snuka (2)
WWF Hasbro The Rockers
- Shawn Michaels
WWF Hasbro The Rockers
- Marty Jannetty (3)
WWF Hasbro Jake The Snake (3) no snake
WWF Hasbro Ultimate Warrior V1
WWF Hasbro Ultimate Warrior V2
WWF LJN Bendy Andre the Giant
WWF LJN Bendy Nikoli Volkov

WWF LJN Captain Lou Albano (3)
WWF LJN Hart Foundation Brett Hart
WWF LJN Hart Foundation Jim the Anvil Neidhart (2)
WWF LJN Hercules Hernandez
WWF LJN Iron Shiek
WWF LJN Jessie Ventura (2)
WWF LJN Junkyard Dog
WWF LJN Mean Gene
WWF LJN Mr. Fuji (2)
WWF LJN Ms. Elizabeth (no skirt)
WWF LJN Koko B Ware (3)
WWF LJN Hulk Hogan no shirt
WWF LJN Hulk Hogan white shirt (2)
WWF LJN Macho Man Randy Savage
WWF LJN Greg the Hammer Valentine (missing nose)
WWF LJN Referee
WWF LJN Strike Force Tito Santana
WWF LJN Strike Force Rick Martel

Zorro (Gabriel) Captain Ramon has sword

Vintage Vehicles & Playsets:

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider missing pilot
Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider
missing pilot, missiles, canopy

Bionic Six
Quad Runner missing front roll bar piece
Buck Rogers Draconian Marauder missing side thruster (1), center thruster, canopy
Ghostbusters Ecto 2 no accessories
Ghostbusters Ecto 3 missing muffler (1)
Ghostbusters Ecto 500 missing engine, antennae
Ghostbusters Highway Haunter missing engine ghost (has cracked windshield frame
MASK Condor (2) complete with Brad Turner & Hocus Pocus mask
MASK Condor motorcycle missing windshield, rotor
MASK Condor motorcycle missing windshield
MASK Iguana missing seat
MASK Firecracker missing spare tire, motorcycle & blaster mask
MASK Piranna missing front motorcycle windshield, support frame

MASK Switchblade missing canopy, missile, 1 rotor blade & left chrome moulding piece
MASK Thunderhawk missing door chrome mouldings, Matt Tracker & spectrum mask
Photon Sled missing 1 rocket, front wheel (has used sticker sheet)
Battle Cruiser missing small missile (4), bullet missile (2)
Robotech Armoured Cyclone
Starcom HARV -7 (2) missing front guns, inside gun, rear guns, figure's visor
Starcom Shadow Parasite no accessories
Starcom Shadow Parasite missing canopy, figure's visor
Starcom Shadow Raider
missing figure, tracks & crane

Starcom Starbase Command missing leg (5), seat, u-shaped antenna, small missile (2), large missile (2), figure's visor
TMNT 1988 Turtle Trooper missing flag
TMNT 1990 Oozey Cannon missing sign, slime bucket, trash can
TMNT 1990 Needlenose
missing windshield, blue leg rocket, rifle (right wing broken on joint)
Voltron Coffin of Doom complete (2)
Weeled Warriors Armed Force missing blue rocket, gold crane attachment, grey top laser, spiral wheel (2)

Vintage Figure Weapons & Accessories:
Action Jack Emergency Doctor
orange doctors case
Action Jack
orange handcuffs
AD&D Bowmarc
axe (2)
AD&D Elkhorn sword (2)
AD&D Grimsword
AD&D Kelek cape (2)
AD&D Northlord
helmet (no wings)

AD&D Strongheart
AD&D Warduke shield
AD&D Young Male Titan
helmet, shield
AD&D Zarak knife
AD&D Destrier saddle & front cowl piecee
AD&D Bronze Dragon complete saddle & harness
AD&D Nightmare left and right saddle side wings
AD&D Fortress of Fangs
gargoyle, black gate door
Air Raiders Dragon Wind
figure (2), left side gun, missile (6), air missile (2)
Air Raiders
gun (2), air missile (6)
Air Raiders
air missile (7)
Air Raiders Wind Seeker figure, air missile (3)
Air Raiders
short green hose (2), long green hose, long orange hose (3)
Aliens Corporal Hicks launcher, missile

A-Team 3 3/4" Cobra pack (3), detonator, rifle
A-Team 3 3/4" Rattler rifle

A-Team 3 3/4" Python rifle, backpack
A-Team 3 3/4" Hannibal pack (4), detonator (2), rifle (3)
A-Team 3 3/4" Combat Headquarters large half circle bunker (4), sandbags with female connector (4), sandbags with male connector, rifle & tripod (3), raft, orange crate*
A-Team 6" BA Barracus/Viper bolt cutters
A-Team 6" Viper/Face backpack
Bad Guys Snake/Sarge Team Chutes Remco black rifle
Bad Guys Shark Remco silver rifle
Barnyard Commandos Sargeant Wooley Pullover gun

Battle Beasts Danger Dog
Battle Beasts Sabresword Tiger weapon
Battle Trolls Troll-Clops yellow gun
Battle Trolls TD Troll yellow axe, green arrow
Battlestar Galactica Cylon Centurion rifle (2)
Big Jim Campin' Tent sleeping bags (2), pan, plate (2), pot (2), kettle & lid*
Big Jim Karl May silver knife (2)
Big Jim Baseball Uniform
yellow cap
Big Jim Safari Adventure Set rifle with scope
Big Jim Space Mission Pack blue jacket (2), blue pants, suitcase (2), rifle (2)
Big Jim Dr. Alec backpack (2), holster (2), rifle (2), shoe (3), knife
Biker Mice from Mars Slam Dunk Vinnie weapon*
Biker Mice from Mars Home Run Throttle launcher
Bionic 6 Jack grey accessory, backpack (no red harness)
Bionic 6 Mechanic belt
Bionic Woman Jamie Sommers mission purse, cosmetic case, mirror, cosmetics (1)
Bucky O' Hare Bruiser the Beserker silver rifle
Black Hole Sentry Robot crotch
Blackstar Gargo wings, staff (2)
Blackstar Kadray helmet (2), helmet & cape
Blackstar Klone Cloud Kat
red leg (2), red arm (2)
Blackstar Neptul spear
Blackstar Tonga axe
Bravestarr Fort Kerium red gun (2)
Bravestarr Skullwalker saddle
Bravestarr Thirty Thirty rifle end (2)
Bravestarr Thunderstick hat

Bravestarr Laser Fire Tex Hex harness

Bronze Bombers A.J. Moon bazooka

Buck Rogers Draconian Marauder side thruster
Bucky O'Hare Bruiser the Berserker Baboon rifle
Captain Power Doctor Blight computer (2)
Captain Power Lord Dread sword

Captain Power Sgt. Scout Baker blaster (2)
Captain Power Tank Ellis rifle

Centurions Max Ray
Depth Charger fin
Max Ray
Tidal Blast harpoon, repulsor cannon, target sensor, oxygen unit (2), yellow target sensor
Centurions Ace McCloud Orbital Interceptor
red ankle thruster (2), blue chest piece, blue land laser (2)
Centurions Ace McLeod Sky Knight
red missile (5), small red laser (1)
Centurions Ace McLeod Sky Bolt
blue missile launcher
Centurions Jake Rockwell Detonator radar dish
Chuck Norris Karate Komandos Chuck Battle Gear
staff (2)
Chuck Norris Karate Komandos Chuck Undercover
Chuck Norris Karate Komandos Reed Smith
staff male part (2)
Chuck Norris Ninja Warrior flail weapon
Chuck Norris Super Ninja
foot claw
Commando (GI Joe Knock Off)
black bazooka
Computer Warriors Romm figure

Conan Remco King Conan
Convertors Rex
Convertors Sunyak rifle*
Convertors Focus
Convertors Fast Track rifle
Convertors Crawler rifle

COPS Big Boss
Bulletproof briefcase & hadcuffs
Checkpoint armour, helmet
COPS Koo Koo
clock hand weapon (with male end)
COPS Longarm cuff wrist attachment (3)
COPS Louie the Plumber scraper tool (2), pipe, knuckles, blackjack
Powderkeg left & right thigh armour
COPS Hyena helmet, skull basher
Koo Koo clock hands
COPS Nightstick nightstick, handle part of nunchucks
COPS Rock Krusher ball & chain
COPS Sgt Mace backpack
COPS Air Raid front gun
COPS Bluestreak Motorcycle red siren light
COPS Air Raid Helicopter w. Bullseye front gun
COPS Ironsides Armoured Assault red siren
COPS Interceptor top red light
Crystar red lens (2)
Crystar Lava Dragon rider's whip
Crystar Crystal Dragon left wing (broken tab)
Crystar Spell of the Evil Wizard paddle
Crystar The Magic of Crystal figure (2) (no cape), green staff, green lens, small green lens
DC Superheroes Penguin umbrella top
Defenders of the Planets Orion red armour, silver sword
Diakron Multi-force short yellow missile
Dinoriders Styracosaurus
chair, large silver double canon, small silver double gun, blue harness*
Dragons, Knights & Daggers (Imperial)
various weapons
Earth Force Commander Kelly front armour
Exo Squad Rita Torres in Field Sargeant E Frame
silver hooked missile
Evil Knievil
yellow jackhammer tool
Filmation's Ghostbusters Belfry and Bat-A-Rat
Food Fighters Chip the Ripper black backpack*
Gargoyles Stone Armour Goliath leg plate, left arm plate, spear
Gargoyles Lexington crossbow
Gargoyles Broadway tail (2)
Gargoyles Brooklyn wings, spear
Gargoyles Steel Clan Robot wings
Ghostbusters Ray Fright Features
purple forklift weapon
Ghostbusters Winston Fright Features
green Spud Thud hammer
Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Can
Gobots Super Gobot Defendor rifle
Gobots Super Gobot Destroyer
2 piece turret, turrent end piece turret
Gobots Super Gobot Staks
stack rifle (long version)
Gobots Super Gobot Bugbite
sticker sheet
Gobots Command Center
railing, enemy detector door (2), large grey door, red view screen, floor A, B, C, D (2)*
Gobots Courageous orange laser attachment*
Godaikin Gardian
Axe (2)
Godaikin Daltanias
right small fist
Godaikin Voltes V Volt Bomber
GUTS! Soldier Hummer Truck
cover with turret gun
Indiana Jones Map Room
Infaceables Robash
Infaceables Iron Lion
Infaceables Tembo
Karate Kid Chozen with break-away board
Karate Kid Mr Miyagi with break-away wood
Karate Kid Johnny with break-away chair
Legends of the West Buffalo Bill Cody
Legions of Power (Tonka) Star Legions Strike Jet
black turret gun (2)

Lord of the Rings ROTK
Frodo Orc Armour helmet
Lord of the Rings ROTK  Sam Orc Armour helmet
black single blaster, silver single blaster, purple single blaster
Mantech Terrortech L&R arm, left & right legs & feet, head, helmet, large gun, grappling gun,
Mantech Aquatech
spear weapon, large blaster
Mantech Nagatech
L&R hands, small weapon (2), 1 foot
Mantech Doomtech
right foot, large blaster
Mantech Lasertech
head, torso, black rifle, right hand
Mantech Solartech
small black blaster (2), large blaster (3), left foot
Marx Best of the West Dangerous Dan silver strongbox*
Marx Best of the West Jamie/Jay West
hunting knife *
Marx Best of the West Geronimo/Chief Cherokee
horse blanket, breastplate, headdress (no tails), tom tom, wampum
Marx Best of the West Princess Wildflower basket, spoon, headband (2), necklace, beaded belt (2), wampum belt (2)
Marx Best of the West Thunderbolt horse blanket (2)
Marvel Superheroes 1991 Punisher uzi (2)
MASK Adventure Pack Rescue Mission red gun*
MASK Bullet Ali Bombay figure

MASK Firecracker Hondo McLean figure (2)
MASK Firefly spoiler, Julio Lopez figure (2) & mask (2)
MASK Gator Dust Hayes figure, top gun

MASK Hurricane Hondo McLean figure (2)
MASK Vampire Floyd Malloy figure, Buckshot mask (3)
MASK Matt Tracker Jungle Hunt red crossbow, case (2)
MASK Manta Whip mask
roof hatch
MASK Thunderhawk bomb
MASK Rhino Matt Tracker figure (2), Bruce Sato figure, Ultra mask, missile
MASK Switchblade Miles Mayhem figure

MASK T-Bob missing Scott Tracker
MASK Bruce Sato Rescue Mission Adventure Pack blue backpack
Boulder Hill Playset
Jack Rabbit mask
Men of Medal Penn "Piranna Jones"
medal, flipper
Mego 12" Spiderman suit
Mego 12" Wonder Woman boot (2), bracelet (1)
Mego Planet of the Apes Zira
shirt, skirt, moccassin (2)*
Micronauts Aquatron/Hydro Copter
motor, propeller, propulsion unit adaptor, whirlator pin, instruction sheet*
Micronauts Giant Acroyear
left leg
Micronauts Battle Cruiser
front cockpit with windshield, front and rear wheels
Micronauts Baron Karza
black rocket piece
Micronauts Interplanetary HQ square (circle centre) (4), square (square centre) (3), large dome & octagon, triangle (5), clip (11)
Mighty Crusaders Eraser
Mighty Crusaders Brain Emperor shield
Ninja Warrior

Other World (Arco) Sir Cobra snake staff
Other World (Arco) Frogacuda
axe (2)
Other World (Arco) Weapons Master chain leg shackle
Other World Castle Zendo large spike
Other World Moc Rock Thrower chain (2 - one is broken)
Osmonds 12" Donny Osmond
white shoe
Pirates of The Galaxseas Cutlass silver coin
Pocket Power Skeleton Warrior (sega 1988)
Power Lords Warbot
red skull missile
Rambo weapons pack
whip (2), machette (2), silver pistol (2), green rifle (2), green pistol, crossbow (2)
Rambo Colonel Trautman
machine gun (2), silver machine gun
Rambo Mad Dog
belt, shotgun attachment
Rambo Nomad
strap (2), hand gun (2), backpack
Rambo Firepower Rambo
belt, bomb (2), knife, rifle, launcher (2), flamethrower (2)
Rambo Rambo
M-60 machine gun (8), belt (5), knife (3), rocket launcher (2) (no missile)
Rambo Turbo
backpack with helmet & 2 red missiles (2), helmet missile (1), backpack, backpack strap (4), belt (2), pistol, machine gun (3)
Rambo General Warhawk
pistol (4), sword (3), sword top piece (3), sword base piece, grenade launcher (3), rifle (2)
Rambo Gripper uzi
Rambo Defender 6x6 M-60 machine gun, missile launcher (2)
Rambo One Man Assault Jet
missile launcher (2), missiles (15)
Rambo Skywolf
M-60 machine gun, rotor top cap, missile
Rambo 50 Caliber Anti-Aircraft Gun tripod mount (2), ammo strap (3), ammo case (3)
Rambo 50 Caliber Machine Gun
tripod mount
Rambo Tri-Tracker Heat Seeking Missile Launcher
Rambo Savage Strike Headquarters
cage wall (3), cage door, crane platform, crane, rope support (1), tower roof, tower upper platform & trapdoor, leg brace (6), communication center front, back, left & right walls, 7.62mm machine gun (2-complete), 25mm anti-aircraft gun & mount (L&R), ammo strip, flag (2), laser range finder & bracket, 5.56mm machine gun, AGS17 grenade launcher (2), rail mount (1), explosives case (3), powder keg (7), AK-47 (8), M60 machine gun crate & lid (2), M60 machine gun (6)
Robocop Robo-1
white launcher
Robocop 12" Talking Robocop launcher, machine gun
Roboforce Wrecker large laser
Vulgar mace
Roboforce Command Patroller
small black missile weapon, small black missile tip weapon (2)
Roboforce Fortress of Steele large black laser gun
Robolinks Force 41
blue robot
Robolinks Force 42
3 wheels & attachment piece, 3 yellow missiles
Robotech Collectors Series 9" Alpha Fighter
Scott Bernard figure
Robotech Dana Sterling
Robotech Rick Hunter
Robotech Miniature SDF-1 various parts
Secret of the Ninja (Remco) Black Belt
Secret of the Ninja (Remco) Golden Shaolin Monk
Secret of the Ninja (Remco) Thai Kick Boxer
mask, vest
Secret of the Ninja (Remco) Kung Fu Master
sword (2)*
Secret of the Ninja (Remco) Karate Black Belt Champion
helmet (2)
Secret of the Ninja (Remco) Ninja helmet, sword
Secret Wars Tower of Doom
black chair gun
Secret Wars Dr Doom
rifle (2)
Secret Wars Falcon right wing
Sectaurs Dargon V1 backpack
, gun (3), rifle (2), belt, shield, sword
Sectaurs Skito
pistol (3), shield
Sectaurs Skulk
Sectaurs Spidrax
saddle, pistol (3), rifle, shield
Sectaurs Waspax
shield, harness
Sectaurs Zak
Sectaurs Spiderflyer
Sgt. Savage and the Screaming Eagles Combat Sgt Savage launcher, missile (1)
Shogun Warriors Kargosaur
rocket (2)*
Shogun Warriors Grand Car
Six Million Dollar Man Maskatron gun (no suction cup end), shoe (2)
Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin red sneaker (2)
Sky Commanders Flex Wing
Sky Commanders
strap (2)
Spiderman Tombstone
Spiral Zone Overlord
Spiral Zone Sgt. Tank Shmidt
gun (2)
Spiral Zone Razorback
helmet, armour, boot (2), suit, crossbow (3), saw
Starcom Starbase Command
canon base unit, canon white platform, yellow radar, white decompression chamber & Major Tony Barona figure
Starcom Starwolf
red laser
orange claw attachment
Starriors Hotshot
chest part
Starriors Speedtrap Starunner
right wing
Starriors Thinktank
laser attachment
Starriors Twinhorn horns
Star Trek III ERTL Spock/Scotty
Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad Kilokhan orange whip
Street Fighter 2 Ken Masters full weapon set

Super Naturals Lionheart
Super Naturals Sakebite
snake weapon
Super Naturals evil ghostling sword (3)
Super Naturals good ghostling sword
Super Naturals Rags
Super Naturals Spooks
Super Powers Desaad skirt
Super Powers Hall of Justice
left double blue door & red door assembly
Super Powers Kalibak Boulder Bomber
spearhead (2)
Swamp Thing Camoflage Swamp Thing
Sgt Rock Climbing Assault Unit
silver bazooka
Tacky Strechoid Warriors Goldblaster armour, belt, gauntlet, boot guard
Terminator 2 Exploding T-1000 laser weapon
Zelda cane
The CORPS STAR Force space pack (2 different)
The Mask Heads Up Dorian launcher
The Mask Quick Draw Mask launcher
Thundercats Wilykit/Wilykat hoverboard

Thundercats Mini PVC Liono sword
Thundercats Mini PVC Tuska rifle
TMNT Mummy Raphael dagger
TMNT Samurai Raphael mask
TMNT 1988 April O'Niel briefcase (6), flashlight, camera (3), hand gun (4)
TMNT 1988 Bebop shield (2), gun (5), knife (2)
TMNT 1988 Rapheal
belt, large dagger, kama
TMNT 1988 Leonardo
belt, large dagger (2), sword, kama
TMNT 1988 Donatello
kama, large dagger (2)
TMNT 1988 Michealangelo
kama (2), small dagger, large dagger (2), belt
TMNT 1988 Foot Soldier
shell biter (4), dagger
TMNT 1988 Krang
left arm (2), right arm (2), gun (8), chair (2)
TMNT 1988 Splinter
bow (2), cane, belt
TMNT 1988 Shredder
TMNT 1989 Baxter Stockman
swatter base (2)
TMNT 1988 Casey Jones
golf club (3)
TMNT 1988 Rocksteady
knife (3), rifle (4), drill gun (2), shield
TMNT 1989 Ace Duck
belt (2)
TMNT 1989 General Tragg
rifle (3), knife (2)
TMNT 1989 Genghis Frog
TMNT 1989 Metalhead
backpack (4), radar dish, belt
TMNT 1989 Rat King rat, crossbow (3), grappling
TMNT 1989 Rock n Roll Mike shield (2), sewer snakes, belt
TMNT 1989 Usagi Yojimbo
TMNT 1991 Fugatoid
claw gun
TMNT 1990 Killer Bee
TMNT 1990 Muckman bazooka
TMNT 1990 Mutagen Man
hose (2), rifle, harness
TMNT 1990 Triceraton gun
TMNT 1990 Panda Kahn
blaster, hook
TMNT 1990 Ralph Space Cadet
gun (7), sword (6), yellow hose
TMNT 1990 Storage Shell Don
axe, bo staff
TMNT 1990 Sewer Samurai Leonardo shield, scabbard
TMNT 1990 Mike the Sewer Surfer crab
TMNT 1990 Creepy Crawlin Splinter knife (2), searchlight (3), radar (3), torch, lantern tail mace
TMNT 1990 Pizza Face axe, pizza (2)
TMNT 1990 Scumbug pistol, short hose (2), long hose
TMNT 1990 Slash mace
TMNT 1990 Sword Slicin Leo mace
TMNT 1990 Wingnut blaster (3)
TMNT 1990 Toilet Taxi orange gun
TMNT 1991 Classic Rocker Leo
guitar sword
TMNT 1991 Grand Slammin Raph
bat (3), glove (2), pole top piece
TMNT 1991 Groundchuck
TMNT 1991 Talkin Mike
TMNT 1991 TD Tossin Leo
pizza slice, football bomb
TMNT 1991 Mid Shipman Mike
TMNT 1991 Walkabout
rifle, backpack (2)k
TMNT 1992 Lifeguard Leo
TMNT 1992 Mutatin' Leo
sword, short sword
TMNT 1992 Mutatin' Splinter
cane sword (2), cane sheath
TMNT 1992 Movie Star Raph
TMNT 1992 Movie Star Mike
TMNT 1992 April Ninja Newscaster
TMNT 1992 Toon Irma
TMNT 1993 Movie III Don
kama, staff (2)
TMNT 1993 Leo Somersault Samurai
TMNT 1993 Movie III Warlord
knife (2), axe
TMNT 1993 Cave Turtle Don bo, harness
TMNT 1993 Cave Turtle Michealangelo
axe, skirt
TMNT 1993 Rapheal Jump Attack Jujitsu
TMNT 1993 Leo Somersault Samurai
light brown sword, light brown star
TMNT 1994 Pizza Tossin Leonardo
TMNT 1994 Pizza Tossin Don
TMNT 1988 Blimp
bomb (5), fin
TMNT 1988 Turtle Trooper helmet & visor
TMNT 1989 Army Tube front cannon
TMNT 1989 Footski torpedo (8), flag pole & flags, handlebar missile launcher (2)
TMNT 1989 Footcruiser weapons pod missile launch tube rear cap (2), antenna with pennants (torn off) (2)
TMNT 1989 Party Wagon radar, radar post
TMNT 1989 Sewer Party Tube bicycle pump blaster, crane, front bracket
TMNT 1989 Turtle Pizza Thrower bottom main vehicle piece
TMNT 1990 Mutant Module hose (4), rock laser (2), rock missile (1), foot handle, drill bit (2), turbo exhaust, top treads (2), intake manifold
TMNT 1990 Oozey Cannon
blue slime chute

TMNT 1990 Sewer Seltzer Cannon
armour plating
TMNT 1990 Sludgemobile
ski (2)
TMNT 1990 Technodrome
triple purple laser, view screen
TMNT 1990 Toilet Taxi sink with wheel (2)
TMNT 1991 Ninja News Cycle
camera, missile (2), wheel star (2), radar
Toxic Crusaders Psycho
glow in dark foot, saw (2), rifle, gas mask
Toxic Crusaders Bonehead bazooka
Toxic Crusaders Major Disaster rifle, backpack
Toxic Crusaders Toxie shield (no sticker)

Tomland Starroid Space Raiders
yellow projectile*
Visionaries Arzon
Visionaries Ectar
Visionaries Witterquick
boomerang (has some chewing)
Voltron Red Lion
black tail gun (2)
Voltron Blue Lion
canopy, chrome sword, red sword (2), red gun (2)
Voltron Green Lion
black sword, black tail gun
Voltron Yellow Lion red gun (2), red sword
Voltron Robeast Mutilor
weapon (3)
Voltron II
white shoulder wheel
Voltron PVC Voltron
soft yellow sword (3), shield
Wheeled Warriors Gun Grinner
green spinning weapon
Wheeled Warriors Drill Sargeant
front laser, radar dish, triple side gun (3), silver rifle gun
Wheeled Warriors Quick Draw
chrome saw attachment, wheel (2)
Wheeled Warriors Saw Boss green alien, track (2), wheel (6), frame (2), radar dish, tan rocket, triple gun, saw weapon, canopy, track
Wheeled Warriors Trailblazer
computer screen
Wheeled Warriors
black 3 barrel blaster, grey triple rocket
Wizard of Oz 3 3/4" 1989 Tinman complete
Wizard of Oz 3 3/4" 1989 Scarecrow complete
Wizard of Oz 3 3/4" 1989 Cowardly Lion missing tail
Wizard of Oz 3 3/4" 1989 Wicked Witch missing broom
Worlds Greatest Superheroes Mego 12" Spiderman
X-Men Ahab
X-Men Wolverine II
X-Men Spy Wolverine
knives (6)
X-Men Exodus
X-Men Sauron
X-Men Gideon briefcase
X-Men Magneto II/Cyclops II black pistol
X-Men Random
X-Men Shatterstar
X-Men 10" Wolverine
X-Men 10" Sabretooth claw
Zoids Robostrux Gordox part
Zoids Robostrux Stang part
Zoids Stego spine part
Zoids grey leg with blue foot
Zorro (Gabriel) Captain Ramon/Amigo/Zorro/Sgt Gonzales sword

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