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Galaxy Warriors is just one of the many Masters of the Universe "knock-off" figure lines that were produced in the 1980s. They are very similar in appearance to Galaxy Fighters and many of the figures actually share the same name (or very similar names spelled slightly different). Another slight difference between the two lines is that Galaxy Warriors have an open left hand while Galaxy Fighters have a slightly closed left hand. The figures themselves are designed with soft rubber heads and articulated arms, legs, neck and waist. They were packaged with various weapons and armour from the line, resulting in many MOC figure variants. There were also other minor figure variants as well.

Deevil and Rahh were released later on in the line and were packaged on the "Sword's & Sorcerers" style card as were other Galaxy Warrior figures including Sunhawk fro the Galaxy Fighters line. The beasts were packaged with various Galaxy Warrior Figures, their weapon and shield, and were labeled "The Fearful Beast from the Planet Ferror" . The Tiger is known to have been packaged with Baltard, Magnon and Triton while the Dinosaur is known to have been packed with Anubi. There were also carded accessory packs produced for the line which contained a variety of two weapons, a shield and a harness.

SERIES 1 1983




Galaxy Warriors
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