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Galaxy Fighters are just one of the many Masters of the Universe "knock-off" figure lines that were produced in the 1980s. Made by Sewco  and distributed by Madison and East West across America, this line followed in the footsteps of the Galaxy Warriors line released by Sungold. There are many similarities between the two lines apart from small changes in sculpt and the most obvious being the Galaxy Fighters closed left hand. There were also international distributors mainly out of Italy such as Solidco. This resulted in 3 different packaging styles not counting variations in text and colour depending on the distributor. Some figures were later given new names due to similarities to the Galaxy Warriors as seen in the figure index.

There are 4 types of weapons, 4 types of shields and 2 types of armour to 12 figures and every figure came packaged with their own personal mix of accessories as seen in the images. The beasts were released both with and without random figure.

Figure variants include Daton with red & purple helmet and other minor colour variations. Latter releases were not marked Sewco on the right leg.

SERIES 1 1980's
Galaxy Fighters
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