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Voltron was originally released in Japan under the name GoLion. The figure line is based on the US version of the Japanese cartoon series where five pilots combine their lion vehicles to form a super robot. Matchbox distributed the first series of die cast toys which included Voltron I, II and III. Panosh Place then purchased the rights and released the 3 3/4" line of vehicles and action figures based around the Voltron III GoLion robot. LJN took over near the end of the series to release various versions of the Voltron III robot.

Tthe Castle of Doom Playset was to be introduced in a second series as well as the Galactic Terrorizers including Cossack, Merla the Queen of Darkness, Throk, Hazar commander of the Drule forcess, Robeast Cyclops, Robeast Medusa and Robeast Rino. The Champions of Justice would have included Jeff captain of the Air Team, Cliff captain of the Land Team, Krik captain of the Sea Team, & Sven who was an original team member that was injured. These were never produced but were shown in the 1986 Panosh Place toy catalog.

SERIES 1 1985
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