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LJN produced the Thundercats action figures from 1985-1987. The animated television series was based on the Thundercats action figure line, rather than the other way around. Each figure had an action feature of some sort and the line also included a unique Laser feature that interacted between the Cats Lair playset, some of the figures and some accessories. Lion-O and Mumm-Ra also had light up eyes when a special key that came with the figure was pressed into a spot in their backs. PVC companions were packaged with some figures in 1986, including Wilykat with Tygra, Wilykit with Cheetara, Snarf with Lion-O and Ma-Mutt with Mumm-Ra.

LJN did produce a few variant figures including the young Tygra version and the silver rat eye daggers for Rataro. There are also a few slight color variations of Lion-O such as the red and orange hair versions. The 3rd series of figures from 1987 are harder to find along with the Tounge-A-Saurus and Astral Moat Monster. Driller and Stinger are the toughest to track down, Stinger's wings are very fragile making it next to impossible to find a loose complete figure.

An unproduced final series of figures would have included The Mad Bubbler, Redeye of the Lunatacs, Cannon-Blaster and Quick-Jaws from the Bezerkers as well as the Feliner, Thunderstrike and Luna Tacker. Prototypes of these figures have all surfaced over the last few years. Pictures of these were featured in the 1987 LJN catalog.

SERIES 1 1985
SERIES 2 1986
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