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This line, based on the Walt Disney Movie, sold poorly and ended abruptly creating a number of rare figures. Old B.O.B, S.T.A.R and the Humanoid figures were released only in Canada and overseas making them the most difficult to find. The Humanoid is argueably one of the rarest 3 3/4" action figures and has been said to have come packaged with and without a pair of cloth boots.

The Walking V.I.N. Cent was to fit in with the 12" line and was only released in Italy. The S.T.A.R., Maximillian and V.I.N. Cent 8" magnetic figures by Gig Toys were only released in Italy as well. The Laserscope Fighter, which was used from the Buck Rogers line, was also only released in Italy. The Cygnus Bridge Playset and Palomino ship were advertised but never produced.

SERIES 1 1979
SERIES 2 1980
The Black Hole by Mego
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