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The Terrahawks figure line is based on the Gerry Anderson & Christopher Burr marionation television series. It is the year 2020 and earth is under threat from Martian androids led by Zelda. Dr. "Tiger" Ninestein and the Terrahawks defend earth from their secret base and their flagship the Battlehawk.

The figures were released in the UK and are 4" in height with articulation in the neck, arms and legs. Each human member of the Terrahawks team comes with a removeable belt and a laser gun that attaches to their wrist. Hawkeye is the only member to be armed with a laser rifle over the wrist weapon. Both of the Zeroids have removeable heads as well as a set of shutters that can slide closed over their eyes. The evil android Zelda includes a removeable cape as well as a staff.

SERIES 1 1983
Terrahawks by Bandaiby Remco
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