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Silverhawks was an animated television series which began in the Fall of 1986. In the story, the 26th century galaxy of Limbo is under attack by MonStar, free after 100 years of imprisonment. Five volunteers from earth undergo a transformation to become part metal, part human and travel to the Limbo galaxy to battle MonStar and his allies. The figures themselves all had an action feature, with the heroes having a wing "snapping" action when you pressed the legs together. The figures were made of a plastic chrome which was very suseptable to wear. They were all packaged with a companion bird.

From the first series of Silverhawks vehicles, the Maraj can be tough to come across unbroken and complete with its missiles. The second series of figures are generaly harder to find than the first, with Ultrasonic Quicksilver being the most difficult to locate. The second series vehicles, Sprint Hawk and Sky-Runner are also tough to come across, escpecially complete with their missiles.

The MonStar with Laser Lance, Copper Kid with Laser Discs and the Copper Racer vehicle were not produced but were shown in the 1988 Kenner toy catalog. The series 1 Hawk Haven Fortress was never produced either due to the high production costs it would incurr.

SERIES 1 1987
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