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Based on the cartoon series which was comprised of 3 different Americanized anime sagas - The Macross Saga, The Robotech Masters and The New Generation. Fifteen 3 3/4" figures were produced along with six Zentraedi 6" figures. The SDF-1 playset is very tough to come by especially complete. The Super VF-1S Veritech Fighter and the Veritech Hover Tank are also sought after vehicles from the line. Rook Bartley and Lunk are the harder to find figures from the series. A set of 12" dolls with accessories as well as a "Collectors Series" of miniature mecha were produced .

The Matchbox line would later be reproduced in 1992 by Harmony Gold. Most of the figures have color variations which help differentiate between the two lines. Lynn Minimei was only produced by Harmony Gold and Lunk and Corg were only produced by Matchbox.

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SERIES 1 1985
Robotech by Matchbox
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