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Based on the 1980s cartoon series, these action figures were 6 1/2" tall and fully articulated. The second series is allot tougher to find with X-Ray being released only in Argentina by Josca. The Swampdog and S.A.V.A.G.E. Stormbomber are known to have been released in Argentina as well, but no samples have turned up from Coleco in North America.  Muscle Power Rambo was never released in the second series but a first run sample of the figure is known to exist from an ex Coleco employee.

There were many different assault weapons that were released in the Rambo line as well as a few vehicles and a playset. The S.A.V.A.G.E. Strike Headquarters playset was huge and included many different parts and weapons, some that were re-colored versions that were originally packaged with other figures.

Most of the figures were re-released in Argentina by Jocsa with various paint & weapon changes. Josca also released six of the figures with "Sound Effects FX" backpacks as well as some of the vehicles re-painted in silver. A "Desert Squad" series was also produced including repaints of most of the figures and vehicles in desert camouflage attire. A version of Dr. Hyde was available in South America that had a clear head dome without the light up feature.

SERIES 1 1986
SERIES 2 1987
Rambo the Force of Freedom by Coleco
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