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Adam power was given the Power Jewel to transform into the Lord of Power, to protect the galaxy from the evil Arkus. Along with Adam the powers of good consist of Shaya, the Queen of Power and Sydot the Supreme alien scientist. Arkus's minions included Raygoth and Ggripptogg (who used to rule before Arkus took over). There was also a DC comic series that was based on the Power Lords action figure line which only ran 3 issues.

Each of the figures were released with some type of special action feature. Many of the figures were designed to be "2-sided" which would display the figures alter ego when turned backwards. The figures are very fragile and are easily broken, especially on the joint areas. Sydot also came with 2 variations, one with chrome armour and black binoculars and the other in silver with matching silver binoculars.. The Volcan Rock playset can be difficult to find, especially complete with all its parts and unbroken.

The second series of figures is generally harder to find including the Beast Machines, who were also released near the end of the line. The Power Transporter carrying case/spacecraft and the mini playsets Boulder Blaster, Trap Rock and The Exploder were shown in the 1984 Revell catalog but were never produced.

SERIES 1 1983
Power Lords
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