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Raidy, the good king of Glowgon and his royal army of Jipps crusade to locate the Pir'Ankus against the evil Zendo and his Mogs.

Other World are non-articulated, bendable figures with wires interlaced within the rubber. Figures were first released two to a pack on cardbacks in 1982, including a Mog or Jipp as well as glow in the dark weapons. Later in 1983, figures were packaged individually including both a Jipp and a Mog figure and included more weapons. The beasts were released in window-boxes, Froggacuda & Moc are known to have been packaged each with a Mog while Sir Cobra is known to have been packaged with a Jip. Kamaro came packaged with Raidy while Sharkoss included Zendo, as well as an assortment of each figure's weapons.  Antor is known to have come packaged with Skitzo in which the set was dubbed Antor Meets Skitzo. It is unknown who Yurus was packaged with, though both he and Antor were included in the Battle of the Red Lake set.  From the second series the Weapons Master and Lava Man are the most difficult to find. Antor, Yurus and Moc the Rock Thrower are the rarest figures from the entire line. Castle Zendo can be tough to find, especially complete and undamaged.

There were four multi-pack sets released - "Fighting Glowgons" including Kontory, Hondu and Zendo, "Fighting Terrans" with Gaifand, Raidy & Ronin and "Battle For the Pir'Ankus" which included Kontory, Gaifand, Ronin and Zendo. The fourth and final multi-pack is "Battle Of The Red Lake" which included Antor, Yurus, Skitzo and Warrior Jurka. It is the rarest of all the sets to find. All multi-packs included an assortment of the figures weapons as well as Jips and Mogs

In Italy the line was known as "Cosmo Crass La-Dimensione Del Fantastico" or "Galaxie Fantastiques" in France. Figures were released on cardbacks with one less weapon each and had either a JIpp or Mog packaged with them, not both. Kreena has yet to surface packaged singly on an "Other World" (North American) cardback, so it is unknown if she had a third weapon and what it may be. The Jipps and Mogs were also released carded in a four-pack. Foreign releases of Sharkoss and Kamaro came packaged without any other figures or weapons.

SERIES 1 1982
The Other World by Arco

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