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Incredible creatures from beneath the earth want to control the world and destroy mankind. The Earth Corps, a courageous team of scientists, must do everything in their power to stop them. The scientists figures each had an action powers and all figures had "glow in the light" features. Metlar, Tendril and D Compose were 14" figures and are the most sought after. Tendril was first released with longer fangs which were later shortened due to safety reasons. There was also an Inhumanoids cartoon series and a full length animated movie.

A second series of Inhumanoids figures was in the works at the time of the line's cancellation. The only character confirmed to reach the prototype stage by an ex Hasbro employee was Ssslither. A set of these prototype figures were said to have been sold on Ebay in the early 1990s, but there are no pictures or collectors stepping forward to confirm which other characters made it to the prototype stage.

SERIES 1 1986
Inhumanoids by Hasbro
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