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The universe has evolved to the point where all planets must send peace keeping forces to join the "Federation of the Universe" whose combined forces patrol the galaxies monitoring the potential trouble zones. The individuals that represent the planet earth are known as "Earth Force". The members of this elite team each have special cyborg armament that greatly increase their powers, when the cyborg armament is worn the teams are indestructible.

The action figures stand about 6” tall and were designed with soft rubber heads and articulated arms, legs and neck. There were three different molds used for all figures with different paint schemes to indicate what team they belonged to. Members of the same team had identical accessories, all but the shields that were either blue or white. When the next wave was introduced new accessories were as well.

The cardback detailed short character biographies and background history about the Earth Force organization. There are still uncertainties regarding this line since too few carded examples have surfaced.

SERIES 1 1985
Earth Force
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