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Earth's solar system is being threatened by evildoers of star systems far away! Orion and the Defenders of the Planets must stop Zardoom and evildoer's from entering the galaxy of earth and her sister planets!

Defenders of the Planets was yet another action figure line created to cash in on the Masters of the Universe craze in the mid 1980s. The line consists of only 6 figures, 4 smaller beasts that were packaged together with an action figure and 4 large riding beasts. A four-pack of figures dubbed "Galactic Opponents" is also known to have been released which included Orion, Quaser, Weaponmaster and Zardoom. Figures are 5 1/2" in height and are articulated on the neck, arms, waist and legs while the beasts have no articulation.

There are many minor variations in this line including color changes on parts of the figures. Some of the bigger figure variations are Zardoom released with a light grey body as well as a version with a black body, Orion with brown and blonde hair while Canis Major was released with a light blue chest as well as with a full purple chest colored like the rest of his body. The beast and steeds are also known to come in different color variations. Weapons can be found in gold and silver while armour can be found in red, silver and green. There were also some MOC variations where figures were packaged with another's armour or weapons.

SERIES 1 1985
Defenders of the Planets by Sparkle
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