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Based on the Marvel comic book series in which the "Forces of Order" battles the "Forces of Chaos. The two ruling brothers Crystar and Moltar, decided to ally their people with each of these forces. Crystar and the forces of order were made of crystal while Moltar and the forces of Chaos were made of lava.

The Crystal Castle, Crystal Dragon and Crystal Shatterpult are the toughest to find from the series. The castle is made up of fairly thin plastic and cardboard pieces which make loose complete examples near impossible to find. The weapons that were packaged with the castle may have varied from playset to playset. The Crystal Dragon's wings are very fragile, making an unbroken figure tough to find as well.  The Crystal Shatterpult is probably the rarest of the three. There is a MOC variation of Magma Man where he is packaged with a red whip rather than the curved orange mace. A few different variations of the original  figures were included with the smaller playsets.

SERIES 1 1983
Crystar by Remco
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