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Comic Action Heroes were the first "small" action figures produced by Mego and were one of the first 3 3/4" action figure lines. They were actually slightly smaller as the figures were molded with bends in their knees. They had articulation in the neck, shoulder, waist and hips and each came packaged with an orange stand. There were two versions of the stand, one with small feet holes and another with larger holes that came with Hulk, Green Goblin and Penguin.

Most of the vehicles and playsets released also included a figure. The Batcopter came with Batman, the Batmobile with Batman and Robin, the Mangler with Green Goblin and the Spider-Car with Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America or  Green Goblin (rather than Captain America). The Exploding Bridge playset came with Batman and there was a rarer giftset that included four action figures. The Fortress of Solitude was released in two versions and came with a Superman figure.  The Collapsing Tower with Invisible Plane playset included a Wonder Woman figure.

The Comic Action Hero molds were re-used in the C.B. McHaul line by Mego. In 1979 Comic Action Heroes was revamped into Pocket Heroes.

SERIES 1 1976
Comic Action Heroes by Mego
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