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Based on the animated series by Ruby Spears. Chuck Norris is an operative for the United States government whos team foils the plans of the evil Vulture organization. The second series was originally to include 6 more figures - Ninja Henchman, Night Fighter, Klaw, Tank Sherman, Chuck Norris with Roundhouse Kick (Combat Gear), Kimo with Flying Side Kick as well as the Ninja Banzai Cycle, Samurai Cycle and Karate Chopper. They were shown in the 1987 Kenner dealer catalog but were never produced, though may have been released in small numbers by Top Toys in Argentina.

SERIES 1 1986
SERIES 2 1987
Ninja Serpent
Ninja Master
Karate Corvette
Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos by Kenner
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