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Captain Power was an attempt to cash in on the interactive television game market, the toys, when firing at the screen, would interact during various segments of the TV program. There were a number of Captain Power episodes released on VHS tape and one was even included with a Powerjet XT-7 Deluxe Set. The Power-On Energizer included a Captain Power figure.

For the second series, the Dread Trooper and Dread Commander figures have long been rumored to have never been released, though recently a few samples of each have recently surfaced from a collector in China as well as a loose complete Dread Trooper found in an Ebay lot. This proves that these figures were manufactured however in very small numbers with a limited release.

The line was eventually taken over by Arco where the final few vehicles were released in Europe including the A.T.R Mobile Proton Cannon, Wind-Up Sauron Beam Deflector and the Mobile Sky Bike Launcher. The Resistance Ambush Pod Station, Anti-Personnel Patroller, T.R.A.C. 5000, Bio Dread Armoured Destroyer, Skybike ST-300, Blastpak 1200 and Missile Lock Indicator jet attachment were shown in the 1988 Mattel catalog and were all possibly produced in low numbers in Europe. The Blastpak 1200 and Anti-Personnel Patroller are the only ones however, that have had boxed samples surface, so the others may have been produced as well. That would make these the hardest toys to find from the line.

SERIES 1 1987
Captain Power by Mattel
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