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The Blackstar figure line was based of the 1981 cartoon series that only ran 13 episodes. John Blackstar was an astronaut who flew through a black hole, crashed and was stranded on the planet Sagar.

Figures were packaged with a Trobbit or Demon as well as individually. Trobbits were also individually packaged, and there was also a 4-pack gift set released dubbed "Trobits of the Zagar Tree". The second series was mostly a re-release of the first with an all new "Laser Light" feature. Mara as well as the second and third series figures are harder to find but do pop up every once in awhile.

Warlock was released in two versions as well as the Space Ship. The red version of the Space Ship seems to be a European release only. The Trobbit Wind Machine, Battle Wagon, Space Ship and Ice Castle can be tough to come across. The Ice Castle is constructed with very thin plastic, different from the rest of it's accessories, making it a very fragile piece.

SERIES 1 1983
SERIES 2 1984
Blackstar by Galoob
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