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Based on the late 1970's television series. The Daggit figure from the first release came in two shades of tan. The first line of figures were also released in a six figure gift set and four figure multipack. The second series of this figure line are tough to find as are any of the figures weapons. A three figure mail away box was also available from the second series of figures. Two 12" figures were released ny Mattel in 1979. The Colonial Warrior was based on the original mold from Major Matt Mason's Captain Laser figure. Both the Cylon Centurion and Colonial Warrior 12" figures can be tough to find complete with their small weapons and parts.

The Colonial Landram which was only released in Canada and Viper Launch Station are both difficult to find especially in complete condition. The Battlestar Galactica Command Ship was never released due to it being to expensive, but a prototype does exist.

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SERIES 1 1978
SERIES 2 1978
Battlestar Galactica by Mattel
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