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Marvel Superheroes from Toybiz
Toybiz Marvel Superheroes figuresMarvel Super Heroes by Toybiz - a new beginning of Marvel's action figure success and the introduction of their super heroes into the 1990s.  Beginning with the most widely desired heroes and villains (and everything in between), Marvel Super Heroes was a line which launched what became a decade-long run of successful action figures which branched into the X-men, Iron Man, and related lines which became widely available and still affordable. read more
Posted by BoogDoc7 0 Comments
Terminator 2 from Kenner
Terminator 2 by KennerTerminators - mechanized terrors from the future, sent to ensure that humans were eradicated from existence.  We fought back, but we apparently still have a bit of trouble ahead of us.  Kenner's 1990s action figure efforts toward the movie were an interesting impression and showcase further as to the popularity of the series with the first efforts at the robotic endoskeletons. read more
Posted by BoogDoc7 0 Comments
Robocop - The Movies & The Ultra Police
Robocop & The Ultra PoliceBorn from the television shows based on the ultra-violent action film of the 1980s, Robocop toys from Kenner and Toy Island hold a unique place that showcase both the best and sometimes worst of the toy craze of the early 1990s.  From cap-firing action to garish colors on well-made toys to improbable vehicles, Robocop action figures were more an attempt to cash in on a pop culture cult icon than represent the deeper meaning of an action film that showed humanity with its flaws...or, then again, maybe the toys captured the spirit of corporatist profiteering perfectly... read more
Posted by BoogDoc7 0 Comments
Star Trek Action Figures of the 80s & 90s
Star Trek Action FiguresStar Trek: The Next Generation and its various spinoffs captured the imagination for well over a decade on television and movies in the 90s and beyond.  Through most of that period, action figures were produced which attempted to remain faithful to the spirit of the series, and had a successful run that lasted almost as long as the franchise.  Still inexpensive (if not less so than when originally produced), the action figures from Galoob and Playmates still allow collectors and children an affordable chance to “boldly go” in the imagination. read more
Posted by BoogDoc7 0 Comments
Interview With A Former LJN Employee
Action Figure Archive recently had the opportunity to talk with a former employee from the now defunct LJN toy company and to discuss LJN's action figure lines of the past. We've compiled a number of questions that were submitted by members from this site's forum which have been on collector's minds ever since the "Golden Age" of action figures in the 1980s. From Thundercats, Tigersharks and Bionic Six to Wrestling Superstars, Voltron and many others, here are some of the answers that collector's have been waiting for. read more
Posted by 10incher 0 Comments

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